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Bob's Mods

  1. Bob's Assembling machines
  2. Bob's Character classes
  3. Bob's Config mod
  4. Bob's Electronics
  5. Bob's Enemies
  6. Bob's Greenhouse mod <-- You are here
  7. Bob's Adjustable Inserters
  8. Bob's Functions Library mod
  9. Bob's Logistics mod
  10. Bob's Mining
  11. Bob's Modules
  12. Bob's Ores
  13. Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediaries
  14. Bob's Power
  15. Bob's Revamp mod
  16. Bob's Tech
  17. Bob's Research Progress Saver
  18. Bob's Vehicle Equipment
  19. Bob's Warfare
  20. Clock

Bob's Greenhouses adds automated raw wood generation to the game. This is useful for supplying the wood required by circuits in Bob's Electronics (so much wood!), unless using another mod for this purpose.

Wood is grown inside of greenhouses, which are made from stone, iron, and glass. Greenhouses have a crafting speed of 0.75.

Seedlings are a new ingredient used to grow raw wood. Seedlings are crafted from raw wood.

Basic wood production requires only seedlings and water, placed inside of a greenhouse. This process takes 60 seconds to complete and yields 15 raw wood. A new research, "Greenhouse", is used to unlock greenhouses, seedlings, and the basic wood production recipe.

Fertiliser is a new ingredient used in advanced wood production, which is faster and yields more raw wood than the basic recipe. Fertiliser is crafted from ammonia and nitric acid inside of a chemical plant.

Advanced wood production uses fertiliser, seedlings, and water. This process takes 45 seconds to complete and yields 30 raw wood. A new research, "Fertiliser", is used to unlock fertiliser production and the advanced wood production recipe.

Since seedlings are made from raw wood and raw wood is made from seedlings, essentially wood is generated out of thin air. Some players consider this to be a bit "cheaty" and prefer to disable this mod when using other mods that can automate wood production, such as Angel's Petrochemical processing.

Requires Bob's Functions Library mod in order to work.