This mod condenses all ores into a single ore from which everything is extracted.
10 months ago
0.15 - 0.17
Owner: OmnissiahZelos
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 3.0.1 (10 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.15 - 0.17
Downloaded: 45491 times

Ever felt there are too many resources to look around for? Angels? Bobs? Or just plain vanilla?

Well feel no more! This mod removes all resources in Bob, Angels and vanilla and introduces a single ore called "Omnite" which is converted to all ores in any of those modpacks! It is also converted into all liquids! (Except water). As such you will need to focus on good infrastructure and processing over resource hunting!

This works with vanilla, bob or angels so far :)

Wanna run RSO? Try this for now

This mod is fully dynamic and as such any mod maker that adds resources to the game can add easily on their own compatibility with my mod without having to contact me! This is how it is done
For ores:
1: In data-update add the line "omni.add_resource("name-of-ore",tier,name of tech icon,"your mod name")" where the tier is replaced by the tier of your ore, tier is currently between 1 and 3, but it'll be made more dynamic in a future version (0.2)
2: add a folder graphics/technology
3: in forementioned folder, add a tech picture named after your ore, "extraction-(name of ore)"
4: add an impure one called impure_(ore name here)

And after that my mod does the work for you!

For fluids, it's virtually the same except instead of previous command you do omni.add_fluid(liquid-name",tier,ratio,tech icon name,mod name)" where ratio is just a number that puts it in relation to other made fluids thorugh this, can be anything but negative numbers.

After that it removed the spawning of it (if my mod is active) and add recipes, techs and everything!

Configurability is now included and let you change size, progression, cost and much else. On terminology:
Tiers refer primarily to omnitractors and for fluids or resources, a tier 2 resource appears after omnitractors mk2. For ores their impure recipes always appear between tier 1 and 2 of omnitractors.
Level for recipes refers how far along into the specific tree of it you are, level 1 being the first one, level 6 being the standard (but configurable!) last level of any ore tech.

Is it meant to be a slow start?
Yes, this is meant for those wanting a challange in the start and later on as you gotta adapt and produce quite wlel for it to be viable.

Where is the coal?
Omnite takes EVERYTHING, including coal, but omnite works as fuel too! Coal comes later down the line

How do I get oil?
You get Omniston from Omnite which is then processed into oils :)

Requires Omnilibrary

Bug Reports:
I do not read the forums here, go to the discord and report there and I will notice it!

Angels for letting me use some of his assets and modifying them :)

Change logs:
-- Updated to 0.17
-- Removed RSO dependency.

-- Updated it to the new API
-- Updated the system so it can handle any amount of ores
--Updated so it can have up to 6 tiers of ores now.


--Added new alloys to reduce ingredient costs for omnibuildings.

--Fixed costs to be more automatable to make omnitractors, with it came added gear boxes to not lower the price of it.

--Fixed minor bug that when new mods came about midgame recipes started showing that shouldn't.

--Introduces a new metal which is made from copper iron and omnite to use in all omni-related devices.

--0.16 Compatibility anad other stuff
--Angel supplied custom sprite

-- Omnimarathon Compatibility.

--Added special compatibility with omniwatter, when omniwater is present sulfur cannot be gotten through omnitractor tech. Has to use wastewater from omniwater
--Made fluid speed static.

--Added colouration on omnitractors to show levels. Thanks to Zombiee
-- Fixed compatibility with Omnicrystal
--Due to difficulty of sulfur acquisition in petrochem, I have added it as an extraction
--Added support for fluorine ore in Sigmas

-- Fixed issue where throughput decreased with higher efficiency
--Fixed so the system of adding ores works properly.

--Fixed where the omnitractor technologies didn't adhere to the constants of science packs like the extraction technologies.

--Rebalancing a bit

--General fixes to fit the other mods.

--Bug fixes
--Fixed so it is not dependent on omnicrystal to work
--Brought back omnite recipe.

--Stuff I cannot remember
--Increased compatibility and stability
--Returned omni-sludge usage if omnicrystal is not present.

--Migration issues solved, CURSE THEM!
--Added so stone can be extracted like any other material
--Made so the omnitractors automaticly upgrade to the latest recipe
--Made it so inferior recipes are hidden once better is researched
--Made it fit with the new additions.

--Fixed AAI Industry incompatibility

--Added compatibility for Darkmatter Replicators and Yuoki Industries.

--Fixed issue when you play vanilla where recipes remained the same for impure extractions due to no other ores being present.

--Fixed some bugs
--Fixed MP issue.

--Nerfed impure recipes, they always give a total of 4 ore on average
--All fluids starts at 50% capacity at lowest level
--Hopefully finally fixed the wretches migration issue.

--Think I finally resolved the migration issue, still advise against updating in general though.

--Fixed a few things
--Migration is still an issue, if you got a save do not update, working on this.

--Minor compatibility issues with pumpjacks resolved.

--Added a setting such that the rocket silo tech can get locked behind all extraction technologies.
--Fixed the migration so it does it properly

--Added options to affect the science pack cost.
--Changed so stones gives omnite instead of whatever they did before.

--Fixed Stone reproessing, it is no longer progressive but a steady one that at half way through Omnic acid tech gives a net gain in omnite.
--Fixed Icon bug.
--Fixed so last tech is more expensive than the second to last.

0.1.1: Minor bug of the electric omnitractor being non-constructable in hands is fixed to make it more bearable.
0.1.2: Minor bugs with vanilla corrected
0.1.3: Fixed audio issue with angels, should work vanilla gain
0.1.4: Fixed the audio this time (hopefully), fixed bearing price being wrong and crashing without angels refining when angels ores was used
0.1.5: Finally fixed the audio issue. Corrected some mod pack combo issues that arose and added the infinite ore choice for settings!
0.1.6: Migration fix! Now old ores of saves are converted to omnite so you can continue the game!
0.1.7: Fixed recipe that made Mk3 Omnitractor redicously expensive, now it's more reasonable!
1.0.0: Big release! Fixed a few mishaps of forgetting things, bobs alone not getting lithia water, sulfur still appearing, fixed the gem stones of bobs to not clutter it and make more sense. Big things are, added configuration options that makes you able to change the appearence of the tech tree and difficulty! Changed the manner which omniston is made and made a way to turn all that excess stone into omnite again, at a loss over all but better than nothing right?
1.0.1: Made it compatible with angels smelting patch so it is a playable combination now. Added that electric omnitractors requires the burner one.
1.0.2: Fixed a crash issue and made thermal water easier to get.
1.0.3: Fixed the angels dependence, can bugs never stop comming?
1.0.4: Minor additions that doesn't effect much.
1.0.5: Update to work on future addon to be released.