by Sacredd

You want killing enemies become more usefull and get some more usefull stuff in this game? Then this mod is for you. Adds enemy drops and exploitation of their corpses. Also provides fireball (incl. towers) and poison ammo.

2 months ago
0.14 - 1.1

i New recipe ideas - feedback?

1 year, 6 days ago
(updated 1 year, 6 days ago)

Here are some new recipe ideas for this mod:

Main idea behind it is that a super acid can slowly dissolve any bio material to get some DNA out of it.
This will support to DNA for research. The remainder will be petrified into stone.
Bio material: wood (!), fish, alien brains, bones, steak, chitin, worm chitin.....

Base Recipe:
Chemical Plant
Input: 50x Alien Protein, 50x Sulfuric Acid, 10x bio material (meat, wood, fish, chitin, ..)
Duration: 30 seconds
Output 1x DNA 50% chance, 4x stone
Research: Necro behemoth research, sulfuric processing, .... ?
Research cost: Alien science, Production science, Space science?

This will also solve some of the overstock issues ;-)

Timeline to implement: hard commitments due to IRL stuff......

Any feedback is welcome on this idea!

1 year, 6 days ago

Is this an idea to address the "what do I do with chitin?" endgame situation? Is that the problem we're trying to solve?

One other option might be: Worm Chitin + Sulfuric Acid -> "Flattened Chitin", then a Green Circuits recipe with "Flattened Chitin" replacing iron plate. (Or in the case of Bob's mods, I guess ... any electronics thing that uses Wooden Boards but with "Flattened Chitin" instead, if we're going as far as doing explicit Bobs support, though they have their own combat overhaul.)

Another option might be based on "Chitin" -> "Cellulose" -> a different recipe for Plastic.

There's already a few ways to get DNA for research from flesh & meat - though a recipe for DNA from Bones makes sense. The idea here is that feeding the outputs into other potentially distant parts of the base creates the logistics problems that make Factorio gameplay. Every base is always going to need Green Circuits and Plastic, if you can just figure out how to get it from here to there.

1 year, 5 days ago

Fireball artillery range research
Also the ingame artillery remote does not appear to recognise the fireball turrets and will not allow manual control
Lastly .. is this mod on github ?

1 year, 3 days ago
(updated 1 year, 3 days ago)

@splee - correct. In the experimental mode you can see some of the additional DNA recipes I added. By adding more DNA recipes, I wanted to make DNA a more usable ingredient for science and force more "harvesting" of aliens.
Cellulose is a good idea to use - i will put this in the backlog

@billbo99 - I added the mod to github
Fireball artillery range is a good idea. I also noticed with the Fireball damage current config it doesn't use the infinite research option yet.

1 year, 3 days ago

Actually you dont need to worry about range research .. it gets that automatically as the main artillery research increases.

a year ago

No experimental flag: the recipes (wood & fish) don't show despite "Moving Alien DNA recipes out of experimental" on the last changelog

a year ago

No experimental flag: the recipes (wood & fish) don't show despite "Moving Alien DNA recipes out of experimental" on the last changelog
Working on this issue

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