Necromant 0.18 Quick Fix deprecated

by Trblz
You want killing enemies become more usefull and get some more usefull stuff in this game? Then this mod is for you. Adds enemy drops and exploitation of their corpses. Also provides fireball (incl. towers) and poison ammo.
3 months ago
Owner: Trblz
Source: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 3 months ago
Latest Version: 0.18.0 (3 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.18
Downloaded: 81 times

This is a quick fix to make this mod work for 0.18.

All credits go to the original author Sacredd

Any feedback is appreciated, as I have limited time to test all variations.
In case of problems, please be patient as I have a family and full time job to take care of.

Change log:

0.18.0 (2020-02-04)
- Quick & dirty fix by Trblz to make this mod work in 0.18
- Updated info.json to 0.18.0
- Disabled in prototypes/fireball-turret.lua line 158 sound = make_heavy_gunshot_sounds()