Multi surface [ALPHA?]

Multi-surface/multi-world with UPS optimization Commands: /add-surface /surfaces See FAQ to know how it works Warning: perhaps, this mod contains some bugs and not compatible with many mods that changes surfaces, atm.

a month ago


This mod gradually "turns off" all entities on surfaces where there are no players.
Perhaps, it works kinda clumsy but it'll improve UPS for mega-bases if you'll use several surfaces etc.


It's effective in single-player, however, use it cautiously in multiplayer. There's no point to use this mod if players are active on all surfaces or you don't want to "freeze" entities on the surfaces or you didn't use new surfaces.


  • /add-surface (adds new surface/world)
  • /surfaces (opens UI for surfaces (select a surface to teleport there)
  • /delete-UI (deletes UI of this mod)