math7 consistent underground belt cost

Increases the cost of underground belts to realistic amounts.

11 months ago
0.14 - 1.1
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.5.2 (11 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 1.1
1024 times

Ever wondered why underground belts could be cheaper then normal belts? This mod makes the underground belts as expensive as above ground belts (plus 2 iron per maximum length)!

All new underground belt costs are calculated depending on the maximum length of the underground belt dynamically, so the new costs are changed when a mod is installed that changes the underground belt length.


Configuration options

  • The changes to the underground belts can be turned off per underground belt speed (but only through lua).
  • All underground belt lengths can be reset (to any length, but all speeds the same length) (through mod settings).


Note: Since version 0.3.3 the ingredient calculation is more complicated, but without any mods changing the cost of transport belts the result is (should be) identical to the calculations below.

The calculation is done as follows (length is here the max. length including both endpoints):
(UB=underground-belt, FUB=fast-UB, EUB=express-UB, TB=transport-belt, FTB=fast-TB, ETB=express-TB)

UB cost = length(UB) TB + 2 * length(UB) iron (vanilla length(UB) = 6)
FUB cost = 2 UB + 5 * length(UB) iron-gear + length(FUB)-lenth(UB) FTB + 2 * (length(FUB)-length(UB)) iron (vanilla length(FUB) = 8)
EUB cost = 2 FUB + 10 * length(FUB) iron-gear + 20 * length(FUB) lubricant + length(EUB)-lenth(FUB) ETB + 2 * (length(EUB)-length(FUB)) iron (vanilla length(EUB) = 10)

Old description

This (very small) mod increases the cost of an underground belt from 5 transport belts and 10 iron plates to 6 transport belts and 12 iron plates (because a underground belt has a length of 6 belts in total (including the 2 end-points)) and the cost of fast underground belt from 20 iron gear to 30 iron gear (if you are playing 0.15.7 or higher, it works different (see change log), except if you turn reset_ugb_length in the config file to true: then the length of all underground belts is set to the ugb_length (in the config file) (default=6 (the game calls it 5 but including both end-points it is 6)). The mod now also includes a configuration file (config.lua) which allows both changes to be turned on or off seperately. Please read the change log about the new features in 0.3.0 and later.

L icense

GNU AGPL 3.0 OR Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 at your option.


  • Thanks @Pi-C for improving the changelog to be parsable by the game.
  • Thanks the Factorio devs for the ease of modding Factorio (and the great game of course).