Map Tag Generator

by majoca

Select entities and the generator will create a map tag representing their purpose. Works with many types of entities. If crafting machines are selected, the generator will create the tag based on their final products. Also adds a tool for erasing map tags.

a month ago
a month ago
Latest Version:
1.1.2 (a month ago)
Factorio version:
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Quick, easy, and smart map tags

Map Tag Generator adds a new selection tool to create map tags with a single click (and drag). Simply select a group of related entities, and the generator will take care of the rest.

The generator can create multiple tags for a single selection:

The mod now offers a dialog window when creating tags to customize the settings however you would like. This window is optional, so if the default settings are fine for you, you can turn it off for a faster experience.

Supports many entity types

Representative tags can be created for the following entity types:

  • Assemblers (including furnaces, chemical plants, rocket silos, etc.)

  • Labs

  • Power generators (such as steam engines and solar panels)

  • Accumulators

  • Resources

  • Turrets

  • Train stops

Each of these categories may be toggled on/off individually.

Map tag eraser

The mod also adds a tool for quickly deleting map tags. Just select a region on the map, and any tags inside will disappear. (This tool only works in map view, while zoomed out far enough that tags are visible.)

Use this tool with caution, as there is currently no way to undo it (besides loading an autosave). The mod offers settings to restrict tag deletion to only the tags generated by the mod's generator tool. In multiplayer, this also restricts players to only deleting tags that they themselves created.


No research or crafting is necessary to use this mod. Both tools are found in the shortcuts next to the toolbar, and can be accessed by the following hotkeys (by default):

  • Shift + T: Generate map tags

  • Control + T: Delete map tags

Feedback and suggestions are welcome!