Leighzer's Science Bottling

Configurable mod that changes the science pack production chain. Liquid science now must be manufactured and bottled to make a science pack.
11 days ago
Owner: Leighzer
Source: Leighzer/Factorio-Leighzers-Science-Bottling
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 6 months ago
Latest Version: 0.1.3 (11 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 286 times

Have you ever felt making science packs was a bit unrealistic? Well this mod fixes that! You now must produce science in a liquid form and then bottle it to make a finalized science pack.

New setting!

When also playing with my Science Ores mod, there is a newly reworked setting that allows you to only have to bottle Science Ores introduced in the game. This works to handicap the Science Ores and preserve the standard vanilla science pack recipes!

Work in progress:

Plans are in place to overhaul the code behind this mod to make it less fragile/more error resilient.


This mod works as a stand alone, and as a partner mod for my other mod Leighzer's Science Ores. This mod adds sand to the map which must be smelted to glass bottles that eventually get filled. This mod also introduces an optional ore to the science production chain called precursore. If enabled, precursore must first be liquefied, and then used as a part of liquid science. Finally, to give the player the ability to process liquid recipes at the start of the game I added a building that works as a slow chemical plant.

Early Game:

The early game may be a slow start. I recommend using some sort of quick start mod with this mod. It is possible to progress in the game, just may take a bit to get going.


Precursore map color is blue since map colors for ore patches can only be one color.


Not updated to work with Bob's Tech yet (unlike Leighzer's Science Ores).
This mod is intended for use with Leighzer's Science Ores.
This mod is primarily a data updater mod, so it very well may cause problems with mods that do the same.

Prioritized Possible Additions:

Code cleanup.
Add color tints for chemical plant recipes (smoke spewing out of chem plan).
Proper functionality with Leighzer's Science Ores and Bob's Tech.