Krastorio 2 & Space Exploration Optional Tweaks

by Soggs

Adds a few optional tweaks to the combination of Krastorio 2 and Space Exploration.

3 months ago
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
4 months ago
Latest Version:
0.1.2 (3 months ago)
Factorio version:
4270 times

The scope of the mod has recently changed. It will now only provide a few optional tweaks, which can all be activated on an case by case basis. All compatibility changes will now go directly into the respective mods

Current Features:

  • Added radioactivity resistance to all levels of thruster suits analog to the power armours. Went core!
  • Optional: Increase the Core Mining returns for Uranium and to a lesser extent Coal and Crude Oil.
  • Added an option to modify the core fragments needed in basic processing. Default is still 16 which means no change.
  • Added an option to limit research after the chemical tech cards to space only.

  • Added support for SE 0.3:

    • Added an option to decouple the K2 matter research from SE. Currently broken. Fix depends on the core mods
    • Added an option to decouple the K2 fusion energy research from SE. Currently broken. Fix depends on the core mods
    • Added an option to enable an alternate Optimisation Research Card recipe. This is currently enabled by default. Removed in favour of some base mod changes.
    • Added some missing migration for offshore pumps if you did not use AAI Industries before.
    • Added Vulcanite recipes for Silicon and Rare Metals Went core.
    • Changed the Vulcanite recipes for Iron and Copper to use enriched ore. Went core.
    • Enriched Ore is now a prerequisite for Vulcanite Processing. Went core.
  • Option to modify the Singularity Beacon to be a direct upgrade of the Wide Area Beacon 2. Removed for now.
  • Adjusted resource generation for SE v3. Went core.
  • Added Krastorio 2 items to the delivery cannon where it made sense. Went core.