Integrated Circuitry

by judos

Status bars, compact-combinators to hide your gigantic circuitry inside a 2x2 entity with has 12 io-ports, circuit-poles, optimized lamps for displays. (All UPS friendly)

2 years ago
0.15 - 0.18
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.18.1 (2 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 0.18
4965 times


  • status panel: shows a status bar (green yellow red) of a signal. Can be very useful to show amount of supplies in logistic network
  • lamp panel: nicer version of small-lamp to indicate states in color.
  • circuit pole: small version of the electric-pole which only connects to circuit-wires (also connects to copper wire, but doesn't draw those). Looks cleaner because it fits entirely into one tile.
  • monochrome-display-row: Places a 1x5 entity which has 5 separate lamp-panels inside. Connect and send signals (Letter A - E) greater 0 and these will individually light up. Makes it easier to setup screens.
  • color-display-row: Places a 1x5 entity with colored lamp panels. Signal A targets lowest lamp, signal E targets top lamp. The value determines which color they light up. Try out the values 1-8. Basically what you see in the screenshot. Uses 2 invisible combinators per pixel (factorio does calculation and therefore does not have any performence impact)
  • compact-combinator: 2x2 entity which you can enter by clicking on it. Build a 19x19 circuitry inside and connect up to 24 wires to 12 i/o ports. (Blueprinting works perfect on same map, if you switch map make a blueprint of your circuits inside the compact-combinator as well!) - No tick logic in mod, signal logic is handled entirely by factorio itself.

- Compact-combinator generates some text and prints onto a display

- 24 separate wires visualized with lamps around the compact-combinator


This mod is WIP: migration might not always be supported for later versions. Also recipes and technologies are subject to change.

Have fun!