hyperkiller addons

Adds 2 tiers Mining Drills, Solar Panel, and Accumulators that are costly but powerful and also lets you upgrade beginning machines to the late game machines.
3 months ago
0.14 - 0.17
Owner: hyperkiller
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 0.17.2 (3 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.14 - 0.17
Downloaded: 14115 times

mod that adds 2 tiers of Mining Drills, Solar Panel, accumulators, Refinery, Chemical Plants, etc. they are costly but powerful

To Do List: Fix any Errors, Fix Recipes (normal, Expensive), Balance for gameplay, Graphics so items don't look similar or crappy.

Any Help on graphics would be appreciated as I am horrible at graphics.