Space Exploration Spaceship Juicebox

by Quezler

A place to store your backwash (trash items) until you arrive somewhere.

3 months ago
3 months ago
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1.0.1 (3 months ago)
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  • Did you launch while there was a random logistic bot flying over the spaceship?
  • Did you try to deconstruct something while on a trip but had no storage chest?
  • Do you find it hard to empty your storage chests, since they'll fill back up?

Then this mod might be what you need, it'll add a juicebox logistic container.

When your ship is in flight, it acts as a yellow logistic chest,
but when you're docked it instead acts as a purple logistic chest.

It has a total of 10 slots, thus costing 5 container integrity in total.

Why a juicebox you ask? I couldn't find a factorio-ish looking sprite of a trash can.


By default each time a ship changes surface (via launching or anchoring) it'll change to a logistic storage chest.

However, under these circumstances will it turn into an active provider chest, thus allowing you to get rid of the backwash:
- When the ship anchors and the juicebox has logistic coverage, and said network contains at least one normal storage chest (without a filter)

(serving suggestion: have a storage chest near where the ship anchors input it into one of the ship's cargo chests/lines in order to carry it away)