Factorio Plus Plus

For more content in Factorio. Description/language in english/german

9 months ago
0.16 - 1.1


--- What does this mod do? ---
See the explanation in the main page. All things are listed there.

--- Is this mod for me? ---
Maybe. Most people like to have a lot of more recipes while also driving standard recipes to extreme. If you like to get more content without driving standard recipes to extreme, this mod might be for you. This mod will not alter the vanilla content in this game and also, not change rules or game style/rules more than neccessary.

--- Is this mod balanced? ---
Since it is not easy to do that as only one man or a small player´s group, it is not. I will take suggestions.

--- What are synergies? ---
Bonus with other mods, like a new ore or some new buildings, will only pop up when using FPP with that other mod. You can see the listed mods with synergies in the downloads section, the names are orange. They are optional, you are not forced to use them.

--- Do i need to restart a map when playing this? ---
Very recommended. Without the new ores, you can´t nearly access anything of this mod.

--- What about compatibility with other mods? ---
They are visible in downloads. As red for no compatibility. As yellow für synergies. If not listed, they are not tested or it was neither incompatible nor a synergy. If you still want to run FPP with incompatible mods, you should check out info.json in the FPP zip folder and edit it. It is not recommended and i will not give any support for this. Mostly, the more a mod dives into basic game mechanics and changing entities/recipes, the less might be compatibility

--- Can i suggest an idea for a new synergy or an idea for new content in FPP? ---
Yes, if it would make sense. Write it down on the mod page and i will think about it.

--- Are there bugs in this mod? ---
Clearly yes. It feels like killing one, two new ones will appear. I am trying to kill gamebreaker and big boys. Smaller bugs will be killed with updates every few weeks (when i have time).

--- What will you do for next versions? ---
Planned are some addons/DLC´s (call it as you want), to create new mechanics. For example, FPPMM is one of these new DLCs. On the main mod, i am trying to improve the graphics of the sorting machine (which is clearly a nightmare for any creature with eyes), new towers and other stuff.

--- Why is some synergy stuff in english while i am playing german? ---
The mod that the synergy is bound with is also in english.

--- I want to translate FPP into french/italian/japanese/klingon, can i help you? ---
Please consider that i will add more content in the future. It would not make any sense until you are ready to update it everytime i will do a new version.