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22 days ago
0.16 - 1.1

g [fixed]Blackstone

5 months ago

So we played a while with the base FPP mod and just 5 levels of tech. Now we wanted to upgrade it and enable up to 10 or 14 levels. But for the love of god, we cannot find how to obtain blackstone. You need a massive amount of that stuff to even build 1 T14 Machine or Bot and its not craftable or mineable. Where the hell is that stuff and how to get it?
I read somewhere that you have to pick it up and it spawns rarely.. if that is the case, please add an option to craft it, as that is just stupid.

Mod about faster and bigger automation gated behind going around and manually searching and picked up a ressource... This is so fucked up....
Please add a kind of automation for Blackstone. Its fine if it cost 1M coal to make one or shit like this, we dont care, as long as you can produce it automatically!

5 months ago

this has been already demanded by many players before. i have added already an option for that in a soon-version what will be on air in like ~4 days (has to do some more plans of course).

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