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15 days ago
0.16 - 1.1

a into 0.17

2 years ago

Hello everyone,
i just made an update for 0.17
i will add more stuff into this mod within the next days. i got a lot of ideas, but i wanted to make the mod fit for 0.17 first.
i changed the way colorized items (fluid tanks and pipes, chests, concrete and stuff) looks like, and saved 15 megabyte of mod size (and also graphics card memory.
Some synergies are deactivated until these mods will arrive at 0.17 as well.
Things i want to add: new assembler machines and deep ore miners, fixes, larger liquid tanks, more high end weapons, maybe more inserters, more colors, maybe some balancing.
so far,

2 years ago

Looking great man. FPP keeps getting better!

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