Factory Planner [BETA]

This mod allows you to plan your production in advance, specifying the recipes and machines that make up each assembly line. It provides powerful features that are fast and intuitive to use, so you can focus on actually building your factory.
a day ago

All feature suggestions and bug reports go here, not to the official forms or Github.
There is a public Trello board that I use, so you can take a look at what is on my radar.
If you want to talk to me, you can catch me on Discord: Therenas#2582

Before posting here, please check if there isn't already a similar thread. I remove duplicate or old ones so you can easily find what you are looking for, if it exists.

If you report a bug in a game with other mods, it'll help me a lot if you provide me your save. A download link or an email (Therenas.FactoryPlanner@gmail.com) are great.