Exiguous Train Caller

by EvilPLa

Call a train. Spiders come when called, why shouldn't trains do the same? Personal shuttle, build train, artillery or any train you need right in front of you.

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Transportation Trains
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Call a train

Exiguous Train Caller, personal shuttle train lite

This mod lets you call a train with a keypress, works with any locomotive.
No additional items or research needed.

By default only three key sequences for three different trains are configured ( CTRL+I,CTRL+J,CTRL+K ), a fourth key sequence in unconfigured, all keys can be changed in the controls menu.

How to use

To register a train

  • click on a train to open the UI
  • press one of the predfined key squences, e.g. CTRL+J

Now you can call the train with the same key sequence from anywhere in your rail network.

To call a registered train

  • stand close to any rail in your rail network
  • press the corresponding key for the train you registered, e.g. CTRL+J

To unregister a train

  • just mine the locomotive

Tips & Tricks

  • You can add and remove wagons without loosing the binding to the train.
  • Open the train schedule when you are inside a registered train with the corresponding keypress, e.g. CTRL + J.
  • In Automatic mode the train goes to the first station in its schedule after waiting for the given amount of minutes after you called the train. When you have multiple stations with the same name it will go to the closest one, just like any vanilla train does.
  • If you are impatient and want to know how far the train is away: just press the corresponding key again.
  • If the rail closest to you is not reachable for the train, it will complain about being late.
  • SE: Every surface can have its own set of personal trains, but driving a train across a space elevator invalidates the registraion to the key binding

Because the called train behaves like a normal train when you are riding it, I always use the mod Trains Switch to Manual at Temporary Stops on top, else your train will follow its schedule after you used it, which is not how a personal train should behave.

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