Electric Turrets

Adds a small upgrade to gun turrets, electrified gun turrets. They require ammunition and power to work, for a slightly boosted fire rate.

1 year, 7 months ago
0.16 - 0.17


Fixed an issue when migrating electric turrets during a mod or base game configuration change

Added support for scripted cloning (on_entity_cloned)
Added support for script_raised_built
Added support for script_raised_destroy

Updated to 0.17 (removed references to science packs 1 & 2)

0.16.3: Fixed an issue with inactive electric turrets (ie, has no ammo or power or neither) not dieing at 0hp.
Turrets now become active at 0hp, and explode accordingly.

0.16.2: Fixed an issue with the on_configuration_changed code not recreating the power connectors or power connection table properly and causing a crash

0.16.1: Fixed an issue where turrets dieing when containing ammo would crash the game