Deadlock's Stacking Beltboxes & Compact Loaders

Adds minimalist 1x1 loaders and stacking beltboxes for 5x belt compression for ores, plates and some intermediate products
2 months ago

i load and unload wagons

- 5 months ago

Plese, make loaders able to load and unload wagons, it would be great!

- 5 months ago

Loaders can't do that. You may want to try the miniloaders mod though, since it uses a woraround for that.

- 2 months ago

it's understandable, but why this mode can't use same workaround? It's one of core destinations of use loader

- 2 months ago

I hope Shanemadden add this feature in future release

- 2 months ago
(updated 2 months ago)

Miniloaders spawns instant stack inserters on the location of the loader. This has to be done by script, which I'm not sure can be easily done for something like this, since other mods can add to the loaders here.
The other method is to transfer stuff with script like the Loaders Redux mod does, but that's probably slower. And faces the same issues.

Besides, loading stacked stuff is ALREADY 5 times faster than normal.