Deadlock's Stacking Beltboxes & Compact Loaders

Adds minimalist 1x1 loaders and stacking beltboxes for 5x belt compression for ores, plates and some intermediate products
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b Mod leaves icons in invalid state and cleans up later, but it's breaking other mods the require valid icon states

- 6 months ago
- 6 months ago
(updated 6 months ago)

I'm not sure which mod the issue is stemming from, but I was able to reduce it down to a base set of mods that causes the error, and actually as I removed some mods, I was able to even remove my mod (whistle stop) and still get the error. So here is the smallest list of mods I found that cause the error:


And here is the error:

Failed to load mods: The given sprite rectangle (left_top=0x0, right_bottom=64x64) is outside the actual sprite size (left_top=0x0, right_bottom=32x32).
Sprite name: __bobplates__/graphics/icons/glass.png.
If this is being used as an icon you may need to define the icon_size property.: __bobplates__/graphics/icons/glass.png

Mods to be disabled:
• aai-industry
• bobplates
• Deadlock-AAII-bridge

It probably stems from whichever mod first decides that glass is a 64 size icon instead of what it really is, just a 32 size icon. Somewhere this becomes a thing:

icon = "__bobplates__/graphics/icons/glass.png",
icon_size = 64,
scale = 0.35
- 6 months ago

Looks like this is caused by the Deadlock-AAII-bridge mod, specifically only when DeadlockCrating is loaded. It's sending an icon size of 64 to crating when some of the underlying icons are actually 32 px.

- 6 months ago

Will be fixed tonight. Problem was that Bob plates overwrote AAII glass with it's own 32 size icon, which my mod wasn't accounting for.