Cardinal - Vehicle assist tool for convenient and subtle auto-alignment while driving.
1 year, 1 month ago
0.15.0 - 0.17
Owner: Nimphious
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 2 years ago
Latest Version: 0.1.3 (1 year, 1 month ago)
Factorio version: 0.15.0 - 0.17
Downloaded: 2663 times


Smoothly adjusts vehicle heading to match the configured angles, allowing traversal of long walled roads and large bases with vehicles without slowly drifting sideways into structures along the path.

Usage Instructions

The mod settings are per-player and can be accessed from the Options -> Mods menu, under the Per Player tab.

Setting the snap angles to zero will disable the behaviour, any other number will induce snapping behaviours on evenly spaced points starting from north as the first point.
Setting the angles to 4, for example, will snap to north/east/south/west.

With speed-based correction enabled, the correction rate increases as the vehicle speed increases. Slow vehicle movement can still be at precise angles without the mod applying significant steering correction.



  • Updated info.json for 0.16.x


  • Fixed a bug causing speed-based correction to not work properly when reversing.


  • New settings:
    • Turn mod on/off
    • Turn speed-based correction on/off (Speed based correction means the vehicle velocity directly affects the correction rotation speed)
    • Clamp rotation speed limit to vehicle rotation speed on/off
    • Adjustable heading correction window (percentage of the arc between points that is affected by correction)
  • Changed old settings:
    • Re-scaled correction limits to between 0 and 100% of the correction target (used to be 0 to 10%)
    • Limited snap angle count to values from 0 to 256 (Values beyond 16 are not very useful, but if you want them they're there.)
  • Higher correction rates are now supported, and player input now prevents correction from taking place. (Correction ceases while the player is turning left or right, only when not steering does the mod take over)
  • Behaviour now differs slightly between vehicles with and without tank driving.


  • Fixed a crash when entering trains.


  • Initial Release