by brevven

Adds lead ore and plates to the base game as an early game resource. Lead is used in ammunition, pipes, batteries and a few other places. Compatible with RSO, Krastorio 2, Space Exploration and other mods. A standalone piece of BZ Mods. With graphics by snouz.

8 hours ago


What is "BZ"?

BZ is two letters that were unique enough on the Factorio mod portal to not collide with other mod collections. You can pronounce it B's, as in Brevven's, or BEE-ZEE. Yes, the Very BZ mod pack's name is a bit of a groan-inducing pun. To learn more about the full collection of mods, see the forum thread.

What is the smelting ratio in the vanilla game?

A column of 48 stone furnaces smelts 1 yellow belt of lead ore and yields 5/6 of a yellow belt of lead plates and 1/6 of a belt of copper ore. However, since there are 2 products out, it's a little harder to get precisely compressed belts.

Why not galena, etc?

Basically, I'm trying to match the level of realism to the vanilla factorio level, with maybe a slight nudge towards more realistic.

Can you make Lead compatible with another mod?

Yes, I'll give it a shot. Post a thread with your request!

Why is there lead in this recipe?

Generally, this mod tries to add lead in the following scenarios.

  • Fluid handling. The more basic, the higher percentage lead.
  • Ammunition. Again, the more basic, the more lead.
  • Basic lead-acid batteries, and the "lead chamber process" for sulfuric acid
  • Stuff on the ground. Lead expansion bolts to anchor stuff in stone, concrete, bedrock, etc. Also, cladding to weatherproof.
  • Sheathing for wires transmitting large current.
  • Radiation shielding where appropriate.
  • Pigmented items (e.g colored concrete)

I want to turn off the smelting byproduct

Now you can, through a mod startup setting.

A stacked recipe isn't showing up from Deadlock Stacked Recipes.

Use this bridge mod

I wish a recipe was not changed.

There is now a "Bypass recipes" setting. You can decide which recipes you want this (or each) mod to bypass modifications for. It requires a comma-separated list of internal recipe names. Eg.:

transport-belt, underground-belt

You must use the "internal" recipe-name. If you're not sure how to find it, the easiest way is to use debug mode (F5) and mouse over the recipe in your handcrafting window. Find the recipe-name in the debug properties.

Detailed list of changes

Lead plate replaces iron plate unless otherwise specified


  • Firearm magazine, shotgun shells
  • Pipe
  • Pipe to ground
  • Storage tank (replaces some iron)
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Battery
  • Uranium fuel cell
  • Gun turret (replaces some iron)
  • Big electric pole (lead added)
  • Substation (lead added)
  • Electric furnace (lead added)
  • Solar panel (lead added)

Krastorio 2

  • Rifle magazine, pistol magazine, anti-materiel rifle magazine
  • Shelter
  • Crusher (replaces some iron)
  • Advanced Furnace (lead added)
  • Both larger fluid storage tanks (replaces some steel)

Space Exploration

  • Pulveriser (replaces some iron)
  • Secure Canister (replaces some copper)
  • Industrial furnace (lead added)
  • Material testing pack (lead added)


  • Some iron changed to lead in all ammunition