Natural Gas

by brevven

Adds a natural gas resource, along with early game plastic. Integrates ElAdamo's gas-fired boiler. Compatible with Krastorio 2 and Space Exploration. A standalone piece of BZ Mods.

30 days ago
Mining Fluids Manufacturing

b conflict with IndustrialRevolution (2.3.2)

1 year, 8 months ago

Hey - I was just randomly flicking mods on and off, and found that bzgas (0.0.10) is incompatible with IndustrialRevolution (2.3.2). The error message is:

Failed to load mods: Error while setup for recipe prototype "explosives" (recipe): Recipe is in 'crafting' category but has a non-item ingredient 'formaldehyde'.

Not sure if this falls into the "they are fundamentally not compatible" or the "we should probably have a special-case for that" category. This is more to give you a heads up than to request a fix.

1 year, 8 months ago

Thanks for letting me know! I've fixed it to load. And made a few minor obvious recipe tweaks. I really doubt it's truly compatible though, I would not be surprised if there are deadlocks.

IR2 is such a major overhaul that it does require a different touch. I plan to try to make more of my mods compatible with it eventually, but it's a bigger task than with most overhauls, may not happen, or may be a couple years away.

1 year, 8 months ago

IR seems to be incompatible with so many things and not very maintained, and at least used to be under a license that prevented making youtube content. It probably isn't a high priority. Thanks though.

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