Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates

Smelt extra ores into plates, and make useful intermediate products.
9 days ago
0.13 - 0.17


Version: 0.17.11
Date: 08. 08. 2019
    - Change all recipe enabled = "false" lines to enabled = false
    - Added sulfuric acid from Hydrogen Sulfide recipe
    - Moved "Crude oil processing" from advanced-oil-processing to oil-processing to help with the oil changes.
    - Reverse some 0.17.60 changes

Version: 0.17.10
Date: 27. 06. 2019
    - Renamed heavy water recipe only to bob-heavy-water internally, to fix a Py mods conflict.
    - Swapped the output of "water" and heavy water on the heavy water recipe so that it's consistant between using pure water or not.

Version: 0.17.9
Date: 17. 06. 2019
    - Removed lead result randomness from nuclear reprocessing, instead of an average of 5 it always just gives 5.
    - Added small storage tank.
    - Added bobingabout-enrichment-process as a method to get more plutonium from uranium 238.
    - added plutonium as a possible result of recycling uranium fuel cells, 10% chance to get 1.

Version: 0.17.8
Date: 30. 05. 2019
    - Updated to work with ores 0.17.2
    - Thorium is enabled with the ore overrides
    - Removed the large fluid icon barrelling fix as it is now in factorio 0.17.43
    - Added Alien fire liquid to flame thrower turret ammo list.

Version: 0.17.7
Date: 21. 05. 2019
    - New battery icon, in both Classic and tier colour versions.
    - Increased the size of many icons, mostly related to Metals and Gasses.
    - Added Hydrogen Sulfide, Heavy water and Deuterium, and methods to get them.
    - Added Deuterium nuclear fuel cell and chain.
    - Added a script to fix fill/empty barrel icons for fluids of icon_size > 32
    - Fixed Steel plate crafting category when Cheaper steel is on and new steel is off.

Version: 0.17.6
Date: 17. 05. 2019
    - Added lead and random result component from nuclear fuel reprocessing recipes.
    - Added allow_decomposition = false to a lot of key resources. (to avoid confusing entries like it telling you electronics need lithia water)
    - Edited the centrifuge to use colours set on recipes (the green graphics will default to black if other modded recipes haven't set a colour.)
    - Side effect, the glow on the centrifuge is always white now, a game update to read colour from recipes on light sources could fix this
    - Updated steel plate recipe changes in such a way it shouldn't error if steel recipe has been previously removed.

Version: 0.17.5
Date: 15. 05. 2019
    - Added Steam and Petroleum gas for gas venting (void) pump
    - Added sulfur-dioxide to productivity filter list
    - Fixed order of gears and bearings.
    - Added Thorium nuclear fuel processing chain.

Version: 0.17.4
Date: 01. 05. 2019
    - Updated for 0.17.35 player -> character changes

Version: 0.17.3
Date: 22. 04. 2019
    - Changed cheaper steel energy_required to match 0.17 values
    - Added new steel alternative recipe in the options, on by default.
    - Removed upgrade from non-effect technologies
    - Updated for 0.17.29 pollution method

Version: 0.17.2
Date: 16. 03. 2019
    - Halved the power usage of my burner furnaces to bring them in line with new base game.
    - Furnace based resource (rubber and glass), metal plate and alloy recipes are now multiples of 3.2 instead of 3.5
    - change advanced electronics 3 to use production science instead of utility

Version: 0.17.1
Date: 11. 03. 2019
    - Converted Furnaces to new pollution
    - converted pumps to new pollution
    - Converted Distillery to new pollution

Version: 0.17.0
Date: 26. 02. 2019
    - Updated to work with Factorio 0.17
    - ingredient_count removed from all entities.
    - adapted to all the changes to fuel values.
    - Distillery graphics updated
    - Added upgrade planner defaults to Chemical and mixing furnaces
    - Added upgrade planner defaults to water and air pumps

Version: 0.16.5
Date: 14. 09. 2018
    - Removed redundant migration scripts that could potentially cause issues.
    - Added crude oil fuel value of 3.8MJ, and emissions multiplier of 5. (dirty fuel!)

Version: 0.16.4
Date: 10. 06. 2018
    - Updated the Logistic tab icon to use new robot graphics
    - Removed electrum
    - Added Pure water recipe colours for the chemical plant.

Version: 0.16.3
Date: 30. 03. 2018
    - Added productivity filter for cobalt gears and bearings
    - Fixed lithium Ion and silver zinc battery energy_required costs.

Version: 0.16.2
Date: 13. 03. 2018
    - Adjusted fuel value of hydrogen (Give opinion of if I should just outright remove it)
    - Added new tag emissions_multiplier to all gas venting recipes.
    - Added new tag emissions_multiplier to all fuel value fluids
    - Added new tag fuel_emissions_multiplier to fuel items
    - Added cobalt steel gear wheels and bearings

Version: 0.16.1
Date: 20. 02. 2018
    - Changed empty gas bottle, and fuel canister to stack size 10
    - Rebalanced Petroleum Gas to Hydrogen cracking recipe
    - Rebalanced Heavy oil from Coal cracking recipe
    - Rebalanced fuel block from hydrogen recipe.
    - Increased electrolyser power consumption to 2.5x
    - Decreased collision box of Electrolyser so it is possible to walk between it and other entities.
    - Made gasses use gas pipe graphics instead of fluid.
    - Added fuel value of 4MJ to liquid fuel. (for future use)
    - Added fuel value of 4.6MJ to Petroleum Gas. Also made it use gas pipe graphics.
    - Added fuel value of 3MJ to Light oil.
    - Added fuel value of 2MJ to Heavy oil.

Version: 0.16.0
Date: 19. 12. 2017
    - Updated to work with Factorio 0.17
    - Added icon_size all over the place.
    - Battery built time is now 5 seconds.

Version: 0.15.12
Date: 03. 07. 2017
    - Added inventory size option to effect god entity (For 0.15.26+ of factorio)

Version: 0.15.11
Date: 31. 05. 2017
    - Added a on_configuration_changed recipe updates
    - Added stack size increase for Uranium ore and Sulfur

Version: 0.15.10
Date: 21. 05. 2017
    - updated electrolysis (tech and recipe) icon, and changed pure water to molecular icon
    - remove automation 2 from the electrolysis prerequisite when pure water is turned on
    - pure water turned on by default now
    - fixed canister stack sizes
    - Enriched fuel block balance
    - Added Vanilla barrelling option, which allows you to barrel in assembling machines if enabled.

Version: 0.15.9
Date: 20. 05. 2017
    - Added enriched-fuel
    - Added recipe to make enriched fuel from liquid fuel
    - Added Distillery (to turn water or lithia water into pure water)
    - minor fluid recipe rebalance
    - Changed advanced electronics 3 cost to high-tech

Version: 0.15.8
Date: 16. 05. 2017
    - Barrelling recipes should now be craftable in both the barrelling and assembling machines.

Version: 0.15.7
Date: 14. 05. 2017
    - Made barreling recipes for pure water always unlocked (due to migration issues related with turning it off and on again)
    - Added petroleum gas to gas canisters instead of barrels.
    - Added the Canister back in for ferric chloride and liquid fuel barrelling
    - Removed synthetic wood, synthetic recipe gives real wood.
    - Added fuel_category = "chemical" to chemical and mixing furnaces (burner)
    - Added steel versions of Metal mixing furnace unlocked via new technology (Ideally it should have been alloy processing 2, but that would mean bumping 2 to 3, and since it is referenced by my others mods, thought it would be easier to make a new technology branch for it)
    - Added steel version of Chemical furnace, unlocked by chemical processing 2.

Version: 0.15.6
Date: 14. 05. 2017
    - Changed Oxygen output from water electrolysis back to 12.5, that's where it was supposed to be, oops.
    - Added fuel value to liquid fuel barrel (Will not return an empty barrel when burned right now, as this would require a return slot in everything that burns fuel)
    - Added 2 new settings options:
    - Enable Pure water. If enabled, pure water will exist and be required for electrolysis. It replaces the result of normal water mining splotches, and can be condensed via steam.
    - Water Bore recipes. If enabled the classic "Water from anywhere" on the water pump will be enabled... I wasn't going to do this, but it was requested.

Version: 0.15.5
Date: 11. 05. 2017
    - Increased oxygen output of water electrolysis to 25.
    - Re-added ware pump for barrelling.
    - Moved barrelling recipes to use the water pump
    - Changed gas barrels into gas bottles.

Version: 0.15.4
Date: 08. 05. 2017
    - Add icon_size tags to categories.
    - Fixed battery recipe override in expensive mode.
    - removed conditional require: multiplayer checksum fix
    - Added an ores enable override for required ores as a settings option.
    - added an exception to gems to check if gems from other ores is enabled before activating the gem ore.
    - added an exception to nickel to check if lead gives nickel is enabled before activating the nickel ore.

Version: 0.15.3
Date: 30. 04. 2017
    - Added fuel category to synthetic wood and carbon.
    - Added water mining to all mining machines that mine "basic-fluid", AKA, Pumpjacks (Needed for Lithia water if you don't have bobmining installed)
    - Added expensive recipes for gears, bearings and batteries.

Version: 0.15.2
Date: 29. 04. 2017
    - Slight change to science packs on some technologies.

Version: 0.15.1
Date: 29. 04. 2017
    - Multiply all fluid values by 10 to conform to new base game standard.
    - Edit a few recipes slightly to require less electrolysis based "fluids"(gasses).
    - Key change so far, 1 output of hydrogen chloride can now feed 2 tungstic acid factories instead of 1, and ~2 ferric-chloride factories. (Noted as they were most likely to be direct feeds, rather than more of a bus system)

Version: 0.15.0
Date: 28. 04. 2017
    - Updated to work with Factorio 0.15
    - All the barrelling stuff removed/disabled in favour of the base game stuff.
    - Science packs changed to new base game packs.
    - Inventory size default changed to base game value.
    - Settings for Inventory size, Cheaper steel and Battery updated included.