Belt sorter

by judos

Adds 3 sorting entities which allows to sort items from belts to belts. This mod is recommended for the hardCrafting mod. But it also works very good with other mods.

4 months ago
0.13 - 1.1


Version: 0.8.0
Date: 12. December 2020
    - Updated to work with Factorio 1.1 (ALPHA RELEASE)
Version: 0.7.1
Date: 12. December 2020
    - Updated prerequisites to tier 3 to require the production science pack technology to be researched.
Version: 0.7.0
Date: 26. March 2020
    - Updated for Factorio 0.18
    - Updated Russian locales (thanks to traiben on GitHub)
Version: 0.6.4
Date: 1.Sep 2019
    - Add startup setting such that beltSorters don't need energy (default off)
    - Fix integration issue (support for warptorio)
    - Add option to use beltSorters as splitter (distribution is not perfectly balanced but randomized)
Version 0.6.3
Date: 3.Jul 2019
    - Fix beltSorters didn't use any energy at all (except if condition is set), did you actually notice this earlier? :D
    - Above also fixes an issue with Realistic Power mod making beltSorters not work in general
    - Add support for krastorio, advanced-logistics unlocks Turbo BeltSorter
Version 0.6.2
Date: 1.Jul 2019
    - Fix update speed to match new speed of belts (factorio 0.17)
    - Add Turbo and Ultimate BeltSorter with speed of 60-75 Items/s
    - Add migration such that bobs' logistics-4 and ultimateBelts' ultra fast logistics unlock these beltSorter
Version 0.6.1
Date: 28.Jun 2019
    - Add thumbnail for the beautiful mod portal
    - Fix priority button width for belt-sorter-3, add label for translation "Make this priority __1__"
    - Add support for 1x1 sized loader type entities (credits to shanemadden for the change)
      -> Note: the speed is halfed because loaders only have half a belt, and the beltSorter usually waits for a belt to have filled before transfering items.
Version 0.6.0
Date: 9.Mar 2019
    - Updated to work with Factorio 0.17.x
Version 0.5.4
Date: 26.Dec 2017
    - fix entity system crash when beltSorter is removed.
Version 0.5.3
Date: 26.Dec 2017
    - add russian locale thanks to ProShow
Version 0.5.2
Date: 26.Dec 2017
    - add beltSorter support to pickerDolly (let's you move beltSorters around. See PickerExtended Mod)
    - improved player logging of errors
    - fix replacing destroyed beltSorter does not know it's previous filters
    - beltSorter shall not output on belts marked for deconstruction
    - remove connector sprites of beltSorters (looks nicer when wires connect)
    - update entity graphics to match belt tier colors
    - and of course: Updated to work with Factorio 0.16
    - fix beltSorter compressing belt on 0.16
    - fix no energy symbol blinking in low energy setups in 0.16
Version 0.4.1
Date: 8.Jun 2017
    - fix migration for items which don't exist anymore
    - fix migration problem printed for all beltSorters, even if there was no problem
Version 0.4.0
Date: 6.Jun 2017
    - there are now 3 tiers of beltSorter: basic, average and advanced
    - basic belt sorter only allows setting 2 filter slots, average 3, advanced 4.
    - advanced beltSorter allows setting custom priorities for input+output sides
    - improved technology prerequisites, less requirements to get started
    - hd images for all 3 tiers
    - you will be warned for basic beltSorters which had more than 2 filter slots configured but have this removed now
    - use native item selection dialog (much faster on multiplayer)
    - refactored control logic of beltSorters, all beltSorters use now the same distribution logic
Version 0.3.6
Date: 6.May 2017
    - migrate to support factorio 0.15.9
Version 0.3.4
Date: 18.Nov 2016
    - fix config not copied in blueprint when blueprint is rotated
    - fix config not loaded when advanced beltsorter is built by blueprint
    - fix potential crash in item selection gui
    - Recipe is a LOT cheaper now - adapted to the much more powerful inserters since factorio 0.14
Version 0.3.3
Date: 29.Sep 2016
    - fix crash when selecting belt side on advanced sorter before an item was selected in any slot.
Version 0.3.2
Date: 20.Sep 2016
    - Fix name collision problem with caused crash with other mods. (Thanks to Lappro)
Version 0.3.1
Date: 18.Sep 2016
    - added advanced belt-sorter
    - new tech for advanced-belt-sorter
    - advanced sorter can set left/right-belt output line only
    - advanced sorter keeps up with express belt throughputs
    - advanced sorter copies settings in blueprints automatically
    - rebalanced recipes (belt sorters are now generally cheaper)
    - added small description to belt-sorter guis
Version 0.3.0
Date: 11.Sep 2016
    - support factorio 0.14
    - hide filter item from default factorio item selection gui
    - hide other hidden items from the beltSorter item selection gui
    - item Selection list in beltSorter is now scrollable
Version 0.2.2
Date: 17.Oct 2016
    - entity system works for multiple surfaces
    - add filter item to sort out all other items
Version 0.2.1
Date: 5.Aug 2016
    - new graphics for belt Sorter (thanks to Arch666Angel)
    - fixed mod not loading with negative belt-sorter-lamp energy usage
    - fixed issue with LuaSurface::find_entities
    - added missing locale messages (just in english) (Thanks to vitorboschi)
Version 0.2.0
Date: 5.Aug 2016
    - Split off mod from hardCrafting. For factorio 0.13.0
    - define 4 items as filter for each direction
    - select items to filter from a nice gui (recent history, search function, tooltips for items)
    - use circuit signals or logistics condition to control it (works almost the same as the lamp entity)
    - works also with splitter / underground-belts as input or output
    - reduces speed when not enough energy is available (shuts down entirely when energy below 10%)