Auto Deconstruct Loot, Reconstructed

Automatically marks items left lying about for deconstruction around spots where entities die.

8 days ago
7 months ago
Latest Version:
1.1.4 (8 days ago)
Factorio version:
785 times

For those who find magical loot chests a bit too teleport-cheaty, swear at the cursed things filling up with thousands of tiny alien artifact pebbles, or just want a clean approach to tidying battlefields, this mod leverages your existing automated construction tools to sweep up items left on the ground after a battle.

While it is in a sense a continuation of the original and prior continuation, the internal logic has been thoroughly reconstructed and sports these improvements:

  • 1.1 compatibility. But you were expecting that.

  • Script time usage too low to measure when there is no combat in progress, compared to 3 microseconds per tick in the original, at least on my machine ;-)

  • Check for Construction Robotics technology made optional. Using TinyStart, Nanobots, Angel's Crawlers, or Companion Drones? We've got you covered.

  • Multi-surface support. Visiting other planets, delving subterranean caves, or walking inside factory buildings? It'll work there, too.

  • Multi-force support. If there's more than a single cooperative team of players on the map, the force with construction coverage of the area receives the deconstruction order. If more than one force has construction coverage, one is chosen arbitrarily.

  • Deconstruction orders are deferred until a configurable number of seconds after the shooting (and biting, and exploding, and spewing) stops, so construction robots are less likely to zoom out into the middle of a shootout or lingering flamethrower inferno.