Attention Indicator

Share player selection and "opened" activity to other players. (ALT-MODE VIEW or change setting so it is all the time)

2 years ago

i Hide Your Own Indications

2 years ago

Hello! This is such a cool idea for a mod! I'm using it now to play with my new-player-wife. A suggestion is that you hide your own indicators from yourself. For example, with two players I will only ever see indicators from the other player.

Don't mind if this is a setting. Or maybe I missed the setting? :)

2 years ago

It is not currently present, but I don't expect it to be difficult to implement. I will see what I can do.

2 years ago

If I can make another suggestion. The selection marker is currently a dot, which is quite obstrusive. Would be awesome if it looked like the actual selection marker, like only showing the corners. I guess this is a little more work though :)

2 years ago

Updated. Please report any issues.

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