Attach Notes

Attach notes to combinators, entities... almost everything + Adds signposts. All notes are saved when you export a blueprint as a string (but you need the mod to read them).

5 months ago
0.16 - 1.1

i sign plates

6 months ago
(updated 6 months ago)

I would love to use plates like in Industrial Display Plates.
but with the features of attach notes :-)
The symbols are more clear on plates as on sign post and available in 3 sizes.
Is it possible (by your time) to add this plates?

5 months ago

Yes but why, Industrial Display plates does it very well already. The symbols are more clear because it uses shiny new API functions which attach notes didn't have when it was released.

5 months ago

no, not very well. You can not do the same as with Attach notes ;-) no map marker, no title. and can not be saved in blueprints.
so i thought just use the sign post item but with the graphic of the text plates. if that is possible.

4 months ago

So just a larger signpost? That I can do yes

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