Ammo Loader+

More than just a turret loader. Auto load everything from turrets to artillery wagons to furnaces and even the player themselves. Auto upgrade ammo and fuel without tedious manual replacement. Infinite range and compatible with Factorissimo2.

12 days ago
0.14 - 1.1
5 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.13 (12 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 1.1
90699 times

News (May 19 2022)

  • Try out the new chest filters! (located on the right side of the opened chest GUI)
  • New high quality sprites and icons courtesy of BiusArt!
  • Information on how to use the mod is now available from the informatron mod's GUI! (Hotkey I by default)
  • The ammo/fuel priority can now be changed using the relevant page in the informatron GUI!
  • You can now filter specific fuel for specific entities in the informatron GUI!


Ever wished that you could automate gun turret ammo loading? Don't want to have to run a whole new belt line every time you move your turrets?

Well this mod can help!

This mod adds a special chest that, when filled with ammo or fuel, will fill turrets, vehicles, and burner structures with its contents. Simply do the prerequisite research, plop down the chest, fill it with ammo or fuel, and watch it work!


  • Loads turrets and armed vehicles with ammo
  • Loads vehicles and burner structures with fuel
  • Highly customizable through the in-game mod settings
  • Will upgrade ammo/fuel as stronger ammo/fuel becomes available
  • Unlimited range (optional)
  • Keeps player inventory clean by returning items to designated chests. Pick up a turret and the ammo goes to a loader chest!
  • Optional hard mode for a more balanced experience
  • Custom sprites and icons
  • Support for AAI programmable vehicles, Bob's mods, and more.
  • Active and friendly mod development. If you have any problems, just post them on the discussion board!

How to Use

  1. Complete required research
  2. Put down the unlocked chest
  3. Fill with ammo or fuel
  4. Turrets and vehicles in range will be loaded automatically


  • The ammo upgrading and returning features require the Ammo Loader Storage Chest (unlocked with normal storage chest) in order to function.
  • Trains/burner structures/artillery are all disabled by default. See mod options to enable.
  • Range is 0 (infinite) by default. Can be changed in mod options for balance.

Feel free to redistribute as you please, so long as you include attribution to the original mod/creator. No editing except for personal use copies please!

Future Plans

  • Mod balancing via range extenders