Adamo Accessories

by ElAdamo

Oh, you'd be surprised at the things you can learn while you're doing alterations.

1 year, 8 months ago
0.17 - 1.0
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
2 years ago
Latest Version:
0.2.1 (1 year, 8 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.0
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Thank you to the following for their hard work on equipment graphics I've used in this mod:

MrSilver2510 for contraption graphics
daydev for generator graphic
Arcani_Victus fir generator graphics
psioniq for armor pocket graphic

This mod introduces event-based equipment, chemical fuel and nuclear fuel burner generator equipment, a nuclear-powered armor beyond the mk2 power armor, and an armor-dependent reach buff. We use this on my server network, where it serves as an expensive, end-game, "god-tier" equipment package on maps that have gone for hundreds of hours.

I implemented a tracking system serialized in the global table to manage adding and subtracting buffs to the player object. So, this mod should play nicely with other mods that provide player buffs, if those mods also play nicely. There is equipment to provide buffs in the following areas:

  • inventory size
  • crafting speed
  • health

I'd be happy to take requests for other effects, too, but I won't be able to fulfill all of them. I'm very cautious about how much I put through the event handler.

There are three burner generators available: two chemical; one nuclear. The chemical burners have an asymmetrical balance, as I like to do: each has its place. When it detects some nuclear mods, including mine, the mod also adds pu-238 radiothermoelectric generator equipment.

The nuclear power armor comes in a striking danger tangerine, similar to the color of the pu-238 oxide item. The recipe is based on Adamo Nuclear's plutonium-238 product, but should pick up on other plutonium 238s if they have certain standard names. Please contact me if you have a pu-238 item you'd like supported in the recipe.

Finally, the mod adds a reach bonus based on the tier of your power armor.

If you find that adding this much equipment makes the menu messy, consider using my catalogue mod, which will separate military and utility equipment into separate tabs.

Adamomods will always be free and released into the public domain. If you've enjoyed my first set of mods, I have more planned, and improvements planned for the existing set. I am only limited by time. Consider donating to help me gain more time to make more mods: