AAI Industry

The industry part of Advanced Autonomous Industries. Adds motors, powered offshore pumps, burner labs, and more. Alters tech and recipes. Additional features will be added gradually. Other AAI mods are not required.

8 months ago
0.15 - 1.1

g Turrets should use "basic circuit board"

5 years ago
(updated 5 years ago)

The turrets recipe playing with angels and bobs is using "basic electronic board", it should be using "basic circuit board" instead, otherwise turrets are useless and impossible to make at start, chaingunners became pointless to, specially if you go hell world or something like that...

5 years ago


When using something like Rampant or Pitch Black, there's no way to create a defensive perimeter or protect critical areas fast enough. It's just not possible to defend the factory yourself.

5 years ago

Yeh, but it is corrected already on the last update