AAI Industry

The industry part of Advanced Autonomous Industries. Adds motors, powered offshore pumps, burner labs, and more. Alters tech and recipes. Additional features will be added gradually. Other AAI mods are not required.

4 months ago
0.15 - 1.1

g Yellow belts significantly more expensive; intentional?

6 years ago

The old recipe was 1 gear and 1 iron plate to make 2 belts, making each yellow belt 1.5 iron. The new recipe is 1 motor and 1 iron plate to make 1 belt, making each yellow belt 4 iron. That's more than doubling.

Was the move to 1 belt per craft instead of 2 intentional? Doesn't bother me too much but it is the largest jump in cost that I can tell.

6 years ago

In is intentional. Ideally the jump would have been to 2 or 3 iron not 4, but I didn't want to split a motor between 2 belts so 4 it is.