[Z] Adventure

As you expand your base or simply explore the surface of Nauvis, you will find abandoned constructions left behind by someone else, among those will be storages with useful resources, deserted production lines, as well as whole complexes for mass production of various parts.

2 years ago
0.16 - 0.17


What this mod about?

As written in description, this mod add random areas when you explore the map.

Where can i find info about possible areas?

in forum thread under "Area types" spoiler.

How do i find out what area was created?

Just find and see. ;)

How often it happens?

In settings you can find an option which handle overall chance (you can change it). This chance calculated every time when new territory generated by the game. Then placement checks happens (water,cliffs, ect.). Also each area has their own chance to be placed (you can't change it) and some additional restrics.
Anyway, if you feel that new areas spawns to frequently - ask me to change this.

Why can't i interact with some buildings?

This is how it was conceived to save area integrity. Some restrictions were applied so the buildings couldn't be repurposed.

What is dangerous areas?

Some areas are defended in different ways, to prevent easy access to what they contain. Do not underestimate their defensive capabilities.

What to do if mod is not working?

Have you encountered an error or just haven't seen anything yet? If it's an error, then please post a most possible detailed info in discussion section or on forum, please.
If you simply haven't encountered any buildings yet, it might be because you just haven't explored far enough!
However if you won't find any after exploring for a long time, then please leave feedback as well, if possible with your client version and all the mods you were using.