Your Cheap Mode

Reduces the cost of individual items by multiplying the output and time values of most recipes. Settings are provided to prevent multiplication of user-specified recipes, and to adjust the output and time multipliers.

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1.0.6 (a month ago)
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Do you wish you could produce enough ammo to stave off a sea of biters from the very start of the game? Does transitioning from starter base to midgame base to endgame base take the wind out of your sails? Would you like a way to play Factorio without needing to engage with it so deeply?

This mod is an iteration of (and entirely inspired by) the "cheaper items" mods as seen in Cheap Mode, Super-Cheap Mode, and Hyper-Cheap Mode.

This mod preserves zero game balance. The sheer scale of cost reduction is not immediately obvious - at a 2x multiplier getting to a rocket launch costs roughly 1/1000th the amount of resources. At 3x this becomes ~1/60,000th. At 4x we start using scientific notation (1/1.05*10^6).

Your in-game progress becomes limited simply by how fast you can build your factory.


This mod reduces the cost of individual items by effectively crafting items in batches of X, while only using the ingredients needed to craft 1 of that item. The advantage of this method over reducing input quantities is greater consistency of discounts, at the cost of being less intuitive.

Mod settings are provided to customize your experience - I recommend keeping the time and output multipliers equal. Lowering the time multiplier will effectively increase the output rate of all recipes. By default, personal equipment and weapons will not be multiplied.

Infinite resource loops are an unfortunate but common result of this mod. This is a bummer because the point of this mod is to make things cheaper, not to conjure resources where you need them. If I wanted infinite resources, I would be playing in editor mode. Mods listed as an optional dependency here should be free of such loops.

For a different flavor of discounts, consider checking out my other mod Free Buildings!


This mod should cause no crashes. If you encounter a resource loop that I missed or haven't added mod compatibility for yet, I would appreciate you mentioning it in the Discussion page.