Wood Gasification

by cappie
Can't find any oil on your map? Got too much wood? This mod is for you! Wood gasification uses a chemical lab to turn 10 units of wood into 20 units of petroleum gas and 6 units of tar. 32 units of tar can be turned into 1 unit of solid fuel or 20 units of heavy oil. Advanced wood gasification processes 28 wood and 50 water into 35 units of heavy oil, 15 units of light oil and 20 petroleum gas using a refinery. This mod is meant to kickstart your chemical plants. (Languages available: English, Dutch, German and Russian)
2 months ago


Q: Did you create the mod?
A: No, I didn't.. I continued a mod that was already on here but was discontinued after 0.14. The original was made by 'mooklepticon'. Since march of 2019 he's given me his blessing to continue working on this mod.

Q: Did you balance the mod?
A: Yes, it was originally done by mooklepticon, but Emilquast helped me to make it more reasonable. When 0.17 came out I rebalanced everything to be 75% efficient. I halved the power requirement of the chemical plants from the original version since you're sort-of burning a fuel to convert it, so the process is somewhat helped by the fact that wood is flammable.

Q: What made you include the advanced wood gasification?
A: After reading an article on Reuters ( https://www.reuters.com/article/us-cellulose-oil/turning-wood-into-oil-in-two-simple-steps-idUSTRE79H6SL20111018 ) I decided my mod should have this 'easy mode' as well. I hid it behind 200 red, green and blue science packs though, so it's not that out of balance and really meant as a harder way to get an oil replacement up and running.

Q: Did you do the translations?
A: Not all of them; I only did the Dutch translations. Reysuke helped with the German translations.

Q: I'd like to help with translating, can I help?
A: Sure you can! Add a translation file on Github and submit a pull request, or just start a discussion and put the translations in there. Be sure to provide the 2-character language code and the language naem for your translation and I'll add it to the mod.

Q: Are you open for suggestions?
A: Always! The fastest way to get something added is to fork the module on Github and do a pull request with your changes/additions. Alternatively, you could start a discussion thread, here on Factorio's official mods site.