Technology Specialization

by Thorvin

Makes the progression of production and high tech science packs more separate by adding two new ores, one being necessary for each science pack. Adds lots of new stuff to make with these new resources that you will need to build the rocket.

2 years ago
0.15 - 0.18
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.18.0 (2 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 0.18
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11 users

Technology Specialization

  • Adds 2 resources on the map, cobalt and silicon.
  • Cobalt is needed for production science packs, silicon for high tech science packs.
  • These resources will be found far away from your starting point. You will have to explore to find them and the one you choose to extract first will change how your game evolves.
  • Many new items, buildings and technologies are added to both technology branches and only the most advanced technologies will require both science packs.
  • Rocket building is changed to use the new items, making the game slightly longer.
  • Some of the new concepts are pneumatics, heuristic processors, mass electronics production and smelting coal into carbon.
  • Outpost Power is required.
  • Try the brand new Autonomous Mining Site ! A mining drill with a large radius that is powered by power cells (from Outpost Power). Coupled with loaders, you can build a very remote yet fully autonomous mining outpost.

This mod is part of a series called Exploration Mode

  1. Outpost Power
  2. Alternative Oil Processing
  3. Basic Robotics
  4. Vehicle Balancing
  5. Turbo bike
  6. Technology Specialization

It can be used on its own, but the mods all work together to build an interesting gameplay variation.

Known issues

  • When mining Uranium or Cobalt with electric drills, a small quantity of uranium rubble and cobalt rich soil will be produced. It should not. Only the Autonomous Mining Site should. Just filter it out with a splitter. You could research the rubble techs and treat this output but it's gonna be so little that you should consider storing it in a chest and just trampling it with a tank.
  • Autonomous Mining Site's working animation is janky. If you're a 3D artist and you'd like to help me by creating a new asset for the AMS, consider this an SOS.
  • Lightning loader is currently broken / unavailable.