by Darkcry

Teams can build their own Factory with separate research. By default the rocket silo can not be build by players but there is one randomly spawned in the world

1 year, 17 days ago
0.14 - 1.1
4 years ago
Latest Version:
4.0.2 (1 year, 17 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 1.1
6585 times

A Rocket Silo is placed randomly in the map and has to be discovered by the players. Every player is assigned to a individual Team with independent research.
This Mod allows players to build their own factory with private access. The main goal is to locate and supply the only available rocket silo to complete the game.

Neutral items that can accessed from anyone: Car, Wood Chest, Rocket-Silo
If private trains setting is disabled also following items become neutral: Train, Cargo-wagon, Fluid-wagon, Trainstops

NOTE: if you play with other mods that introduce new trains, wagons or trainstops you have to enable "private trains". if not your new trains will not find any trainstops!

Thanks to Oarc for his initial work on this scenario. He made another mod that focus only on spawning players at different locations Oarc Multiplayer Spawn

Version history:
- renamed custom event to global.on_teamcoop_player_spawned

- compatibility with base 0.18
- added custom event
-- is raised after player has been teleported to his spawn point
-- event property player_index

script.on_event(, function(customEvent)
    local player = game.players[customEvent.player_index]
    player.print( )
    player.print( player.position.x .. ", " .. player.position.y )

- reworked UI
- added info to show silo coordinates if revealed setting is enabled
- added admin functions to change player teams

- removed cliffs from spawn area
- added compatibility for Omnimatter mod. you will get 4 omnite resource patches

- optimzed ore patch layout
- added compatibility for Industrial Revolution mod

- fixed a crash when opening the gui with a different player name

- fixed problem with enemy spawning inside start area by RSO mod

- changed generated surface name from "Game" to "TeamCoopGame" this should prevent crashes with other mods that generate surfaces with the common name "Game"

- update to factorio version 0.17

- Added compatibility for Angel's Refining mod

Spawned ressources:
- base game
coal, stone, copper, iron, crude oil, water
- Angel's Refining
coal, saphirite, jivolite, stiratite, crotinnium, crude oil, fissure, water
- Angel's Refining + Bob's Plates
coal, saphirite, jivolite, stiratite, crotinnium, rubyte, bobmonium, crude oil, fissure, water

- Added PvP option. By default disabled.
- This will remove cease fire settings from all teams and turrets will shoot at all players. This allows for a "King of the Rocket silo" game mode

- Fixed error when opening in-game GUI of the mod

- Fixed for 0.16 experimental
- Renamed grass tile name to grass-1
- Increased generated water strip in spawn zone because new water transitions

- Fixed issue with not working research for the rocket-silo technology. After research it removed the whole technology instead of the rocket-silo receipe. (Issue occured only when played with mod setting "Prebuild rocket")
- Mod setting "Allow private trains" is now true by default. With only one global train network the list of trainstops gets realy huge

- Added mod setting "Allow private trains": By default disabled.
-- If enabled each train, wagon and train-stop is owned by the player and can't be accessed by others. this will show the trains in the schedule window as in the vanilla game but everyone has to maintain his own train-network. If disabled all trains belongs to a neutral player with one global train-network and can be accessed by everyone but the trains will not be visible in the schedule window.
UPDATE INFO: To enable private trains in previous savegames start a new game with enabled private trains then quit and load the old savegame. trains and trainstops has to be replaced. no warranty if this will work.

- Fixed crash when player reconnects after he previously left in the first 5 minutes

!!! Not compatible with previous versions !!!
- Updated to Factorio base 0.15
- Code redesign
- Added mod settings
-- Allow individual teams: Each player will be assigned to an individual team with independent research
-- Enable default spawn: Allow player to play as default team from map center. Like a vanilla game
-- Rocket distance: Sets the maximum range where the rocket could be spawned
-- Prebuild rocket: The rocket silo will be placed randomly and the players can not build one
-- Reveal rocket: Should the random placed rocket be revealed for all players
-- Server Rules: Text message which is displayed to every new player

- Trainstops are now also neutral and existing one are automatically updated. Trains should now work as expected.

Known bugs:
- Since the vehicles are neutral the gates for walls will not correctly trigger. Gates for trains can be controlled by signals and red/green wires