Super Assembling Machine

by BOFan80

Super Assembling Machine ready for 0.13

5 years ago
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.3.2 (5 years ago)
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This is S.A.M. (Super Assembling Machine]

With S.A.M. you can produce a lot of final Products like normal Assambling machines or Solar panels in one new Assemblingmachine.

I want to introduce here is my new Mod Sam.

The basic idea was to automatically create the most final products in one machine.
Currently, the mod is still in a beta phase, I will but now already offer to download. The reason for this is quite simply the balancing. I think that if more players to look at the Mod, more problems are found, as if I would do it alone.

What the modding concerns of Factorio, I am still a beginner. Therefore, it may be that my code is very messy and not always tidy. For help, I'm always grateful. Also in German, because my English is not the best ;)

Now to the heart of the Mod.

The main component is the Super Assembling Machine. All new recipes can be made only there. S.A.M. has 8 module slots and up to 8 ingredients. It can process both solid and liquid ingredients. Furthermore, I've thought of the Sam-circuit. Each new recipe which is prepared in a SAM, needs this as a catalyst.

Version 0.3.1
Added Stack Inserter and Stack filter Inserter
Changed Recipe for Battery

Version 0.3.2
Bugfixing Sry