by Sunnova
Resources can be placed, cleaned up, erased or restored, Supports Vanilla, cncs Sulfur, Bob's, Angels, Xander, Yuoki, Omnimatter and geothermalgen Mods.
a month ago
0.15 - 0.17


  added ?angelspetrochem & ?angelssmelting to Dependencies in info.json for angels-natual-gas and angels-oil

  option in config.lua to turn on/off logging, default is off
  fixed error on changing resource_searching_radius for geothermalgen mod if mod not being used
  increase generat-ter resource_searching_radius to 3 to work with sunresources
  added resource termal to fluid check for geothermalgen mod
  added support for geothermalgen mod >= 0.1.7
  Placer items added for placing roundish shaped ore resources. 
  Tree patch item for placing roundish shaped tree patch.

  updated for factorio 0.17
  Restoring a resource will skip water tiles. No more resource over water.
  Fixed typo causing Resource Place items to crash the game.
  Removed movers from the mod.
  Added Resource Erase and Restore, restored resource can be new location, watch out for restoring over water.
  Only last resource erased can be restored.
  Added movers for moving a resource patch.
  Movers are created for each direction and resource type.
  See Mod Startup Settings
    enable creation of movers, default is disabled.
    offset distance to move resource patch, default is 120.
  Added settings for changing fluid or ore amount when using a checker, if not selected amounts will be kept at original values.
  Added setting to remove ore during fluid check.
  Added setting to remove fluid during ore check.
  Added setting for turning on resource placer creation, off if not checked.
  Changed how icons are created.
  Added checking for fluid patch
  When checking ore patch, fluid is removed from the ore patch.
  When checking fluid patch, ore is removed from the fluid patch.
  changed resource checker to convert unwanted ore, instead of removing it, fluids are skipped.
  change settings.lua, changed maximum (999,999) values, added random setting, if checked ore will be between 5000 and the amount you set, up to 999,999 at this time. If not checked, ore will be fixed at the amount you set.
  changed default for fluids from 25,000 to 75,000.
  added check resource feature. Mining not working because the resource is mixed? Now you can convert all other resources in your patch but the ore you want.
  updated info.json for version .16 of factorio
  remove config.lua, and changed how valid tiles are checked for placing resources on.
  change fluids to one setting, let me know of I missed a fluid for the above mods supported.
  Go to Options, Mods, Startup, look for SunResources, you can set your values there for ore and fluids.

  Fixed missing infinite ores from angels ores, cleaned up data-final-fixes.lua and config.lua

  Changed data.lua to data-final-fixes.lua, so only the final resource changes made by supported mods should be read to generate the resource place icons.

  Attempt to add missing Angels resources, and make changes based on Angels Refining mod.

  removed, error in data.lua when not using Angels mods.
  Attempt to add support for Yuoki mods and Omnimatter mods, omnilib would not load for me so I don't know if my support for it is working or not. 
  Major rewrite!
  Place resource icons are generated on the fly now, based on the mods installed and supported.
  Place icons are in the SunResources item sub group now.
  Added support for Angels Mods and Xander Mod.
  Attempt to fix place-sulfur error if bob's ores or cncs_Sulfur_Mod is not loaded.

  Added support for Ground and Lithia Water from Bob's Ores, fixed Bob's bauxite not working.

  Added support for Bob's Ores

  Added red-desert and red-desert-dark as areas that resources can be painted on.

  Initial release