Story Missions - [Scenario Pack]

New campaign mod for Factorio contains a total of 10 full scripted missions. Each mission has a series of mandatory and optional tasks. You can enjoy more than 20 hours of pure gameplay and lore-friendly story about YOU, the engineer who survived the harsh conditions of the unknown planet where crash-landed years ago. How to play? Just install and then click on NEW GAME button. You will see missions in the menu. For more info, check the mod portal. Locales: EN,CZ,SK,RU,DE,PL,KO,FR,ES,CN

4 months ago


1) How to play it?

Just install the mod and then click on NEW GAME button. You will see missions in the menu.

2) I have problem with installation, what should I do?

You can manualy install the mod. Simply unzip and copy the "campaign" folder to your base game. Normally like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Factorio\data\base\campaigns

3) After finishing mission 5 the next mission 6 did not unlock!

It's a bug in version 1.1.4. To fix this, please follow these instruction here:

4) Should I update the mod, if I have a mission in progress?

It is recommended to finish the current mission first and then update the mod. After that, start playing the new game of the given or any other specific mission. Sometimes the updates can cause an unexpected problems like "After finishing the mission next level is just free world" described bellow.

5) I finished a mission and next level is just free world! What should I do?

First, update to version 2.2.8 or higher. If problem persist, disable all other mods and try again to play from your last save to finish the current mission again. If still you have problem, contact me (discord) OR use this cheat mod OR use option described bellow "I lost my mission progress...".

6) I lost my mission progress, what now?

If you want play for example mission 3, there is the simple way. Just download manualy the mod -> unzip -> find folder "level-03" and copy it to your scenario folder. The folder you will find here:

7) Which Languages mod supports?

It supports languages EN, CZ, SK, PL, RU, KO, FR, DE, es-ES and zh-CN 简体中文. If you want translate the files to your own language, please contact me. And because EN is not my native language, you can find in the mod some grammar mistakes. So don't forget to send me a note. :-D

8) Can I use other mods?

Using other mods in Factorio Story Missions is ok, but I dont recomend it. It can mess up your overall experience with my mod.
ATTENTION! Lots of modes may cause you to be unable to complete the game. If you can't complete an objective, first of all try turning off your modes.

9) Eh, bugs!

If you also find any bugs (not the bugs with legs in the game), don't hesitate and contact me. I will try to repair it ASAP.

---- Gameplay ----

Tech tree research is unusual, why?

I wanted to give you a different path to accomplish the mission objectives and not create unnecessary frustration. That's why in some missions certain things are already researched.

In tech tree some researches are missing!

Yes, that's intentional. In each mission you progressively unlock new technologies. Some technologies can be also unlocked when you complete a specific objective. This also applies to recipes.

I cannot build landfill or destroy cliffs

Well, these two things can drastically affect the gameplay of missions, so they are not allowed in most of the missions.

Will be more missions?

Yes! My plan is to have 10 missions in this mod. Another missions will be released probably in Q1/2022.

Will be missions also for COOP play?

Probably yes! I estimate summer 2022.