Story Missions - [Scenario Pack]

New campaign mod for Factorio contains a total of 10 full scripted missions. Each mission has a series of mandatory and optional tasks. You can enjoy more than 20 hours of pure gameplay and lore-friendly story about YOU, the engineer who survived the harsh conditions of the unknown planet where crash-landed years ago. How to play? Just install and then click on NEW GAME button. You will see missions in the menu. For more info, check the mod portal. Locales: EN,CZ,SK,RU,DE,PL,KO,FR,ES,CN

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Hi. If you played and completed all 5 missions on mod version 1.1.4, you will probably have problem to unlock mission 6.

How to unlock mission 6 then? Please follow these instructions on YT:

START a NEW GAME in Mission 5 -> After arrive to base, leave the train and go to east of the base -> find crashlanded spaceship -> destroy the spaceship

Note: This "fix" works only on mod version 2.0.0 or higher.
Enjoy the play ;-)

8 months ago
(updated 8 months ago)


I finished mission 5, and then was sent to a desolate place with a starter patch of ores and nothing else. No Mission 6. 8(

I followed the instructions in the video, but did not get a victory when the spaceship was destroyed. I did nothing else, just marched right over and blasted it.

So I deleted the mod, disabled the other mods and re-installed the mission pack. I tried a fresh Mission 5 run and blew up the spaceship again, but again, no victory. I also went to the end of the prior run of Mission 5 and tried finishing it again with the freshly reinstalled Story-Missions_2.3.5 (deleted and re-fetched from the in-game mod portal), but it too sent me to a new starter scenario when I completed it..

I even went as far as shutting down the game and starting it all over again, so that the old mods were not even loaded. The cheat to get through Chapter 5 still doesn't work. I blow up the space ship (while the laser turrets are being blasted by the gun turrets), so none of the achievements have been accomplished yet. Since that didn't work, I went back to the original save for Mission 5 (just before completing the mission). I loaded it without synching the mods, but still get sent to a new starter-world when I finish the mission.

NOTE: In both cases, there is a very long list of "mitigated content" which includes the mods I turned off (and I checked, they're still off). Not sure if that helps, but I thought it might be useful.

Also, the scenario pack when I start the game does not show Mission 6, but Missions 1-5 do show up. What am I missing?

Oh, and thanks for a tremendous mod! I forgot how challenging a vanilla game can be.


I removed all the mods (cleaned out the mod folder) and ran again with only Story-Missions_2.3.5, but still had the same results. Restarted the game again to clear all of the "mitigated content" warnings. I even went ahead and ran north to de-power the laser that kills a turret at about 20 seconds in (preventing any turrets from being destroyed prior to me destroying the space ship). Still no victory when I blow up the space ship.

I tried to reload the old save of Mission 5, from the last moments before victory, and save it (so that it has zero mods). I shut down the game and restart it, and run the non-mod game to completion. I get the victory screen (and no "mitigated content" warning), but still get sent to a new planet to start a vanilla game. Still no Mission 6 (which shows up as a ghost (unselectable) in the StoryMissions start screen).

8 months ago

Hi, sorry for the issue you have now. Th problem is in game itself, which is saving the game progres data to somewhere inside the game. Even when you change the parameters of the mod or, they will most likely reload to original state after loading the game.

I can recomend the last option for you. Manually download the missions to the scenario folder and play them separetly, this should help to you to progress without campaign.

The cheat dosnt worked because it was removed in previous patched. Also your problem is little bit different. The empty world loading can happen in any mission, but from patch 2.3.3 I ingluded a script which drasticcaly reducing a chance of happening this.

Im just thingking, try to use mod 'level-skip' described in FAQ and start a fresh new campaignt and skip the level from mission1 to 6. We can see what happend.

8 months ago

Thanks for the ideas and your concern.
I re-ran the mission, planning to make nuke rockets to take out the pirates, but ran out of materials (iron/steel) before then, and just used regular rockets with a lot of boosts to rate of fire and damage. And it let me through to Mission 6. All is well.

6 months ago

I have a similar issue, where completing mission 6 sends me to an empty map and no missions, mission 7 is not selectable in new game screen. Is there a way to manually unlock mission 7 so i can play the rest of the missions?

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