Story Missions - [Scenario Pack]

New campaign mod for Factorio contains a total of 10 full scripted missions. Each mission has a series of mandatory and optional tasks. You can enjoy more then 20 hours of pure gameplay and lore-friendly story about YOU, the engineer who survived the harsh conditions of the unknown planet where crash-landed years ago. How to play? Just install and then click on NEW GAME button. You will see missions in the menu. For more info, check the mod portal. Locales: EN,CZ,SK,RU,DE,PL,KO,FR,ES,CN

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Hi. If you played and completed all 5 missions on mod version 1.1.4, you will probably have problem to unlock mission 6.

How to unlock mission 6 then? Please follow these instructions on YT:

START a NEW GAME in Mission 5 -> After arrive to base, leave the train and go to east of the base -> find crashlanded spaceship -> destroy the spaceship

Note: This "fix" works only on mod version 2.0.0 or higher.
Enjoy the play ;-)

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