Electrically powered walls.
1 year, 4 months ago
Owner: Degraine
Source: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 1 year, 5 months ago
Latest Version: 1.2.0 (1 year, 4 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 3620 times

Art Request

I need some new tile graphics for the plates that the walls are built over. See the thread here for more details.


Another revival of Rseding91's old Force Fields mod. The other one can be found here and is a more faithful reproduction. They are probably not compatible at the moment.

By researching the stormwall technology, you can construct floorplates that will generate 'stormwalls' - forcefield walls - when placed in range (currently 33 squares) of an emitter that transmits power to those plates. Different types of plate produce different walls;

  • Blue: Fast spawn time, average power consumption.
  • Green: Long spawn time, low power consumption, high health.
  • Red: Normal spawn time, very high power consumption, damages enemies attacking the forcefield.
  • Purple: Very long spawn time, high power consumption, low health. Explodes on death, damaging nearby enemies.


- Red stormwalls have been revised. They will now release four laser blasts in the (general) direction of the entity that damaged them.
- Fixed ANOTHER issue, with dead fields being referenced.
- Fixed another issue with degrading stormwalls being killed before they naturally expire.
- Degrading stormwalls/gates with no linked emitter will no longer cause a CTM if they are killed before naturally expiring.
- Stormwall gates are no longer mineable.
- Mining or destroying an emitter before linked fields have spawned and are handed over to another emitter within range will no longer cause a CTM.
- Purple stormwalls will now properly deal damage upon death.
- Stormwall gates! Compatible with existing walls and rails, you can rotate gate plates like hazard concrete, and they will rotate automatically in blueprints just fine. Can be built over rails and will generate just like normal gates, so long as you've aligned them properly.
- Recipes for all plates have been adjusted, blue plates are cheaper and every other colour will have greater requirements based on their functionality.
- Research science requirements and prerequisites have been adjusted. You can now research any other wall type after unlock blue fields, but they have varying requirements based on the requirements of their recipes.
- Full release.
- Fast-replacing stormwall plates with another type of tile, such as concrete, will correctly kill the wall now.
- Rebalanced the recipes a little.
- Added a map setting to toggle between immediate and delayed regeneration of walls after damage. By default walls will immediately begin regenerating; switch to delayed for a bit more challenge.
- Stormwall plates are now properly coloured. Tile edges have been removed, cutting down the graphics file sizes considerably. That request for custom art is still open, by the way.
- Switched from on_tick code to on_nth_tick, should run even lighter now.