Snake BattleTank deprecated

by Yehn

Take a Snake BattleTank into the fight.

3 years ago
3 years ago
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0.18.1 (3 years ago)
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Take a Snake BattleTank into combat! Slither your way over the biters and to victory!

When you first place the tank, it will be in compressed form - think of a coiled snake. Drive it around a bit to expand it to its full size.

  • Bring your friends! Each segment has a fully operable turret (but don't forget to bring ammo).
  • No friends? No problem! Full research tree, including vehicle Equipment Grid (power armor) modules with 2 options for autonomous weapon systems.
  • Tons of cargo space - Each segment has its own trunk - perfect for finding that perfect outpost deep in biter territory.
  • Use unconventional strategies! Constrict and squeeze your enemies into oblivion.

But there are some things to note...

  • Building this tank is very, very expensive. It's not for the faint of heart, nor for faint production lines - and it cannot be retrieved once placed.
  • Your new tank wants fuel. A lot of fuel. Higher grade than coal is recommended.
  • The snake battletank doesn't stop quickly. Plan your stops in advance, lest you end up lithobraking with your base.

Getting back on your feet

  • You don't need to worry too much about losing a segment - your tank will join up the remaining parts automatically. But if the head dies, the whole tank dies.
  • You can place "Snake tank sections" in your snake head's trunk. If you do this, the tank will gradually replace lost sections until it is maximum length once again. Replacement of destroyed sections happens once every 30 seconds.
  • If part of the tank gets stuck, don't worry! Keep driving, and it will rejoin automatically.


There is an option, enabled by default, to turn off acid stickers. They don't look good at their best, and on the snake tank it's even worse - see the third screenshot. This option does not remove the damage-over-time effect, only the visual.

On Performance

So how bad is it? Well, this mod is not a lightweight, but it's still less than a number of other big mods out there - and less than some very large artillery trains. If you're only barely holding onto 60 UPS, you might notice it. It may also become more noticeable on multiplayer servers with several active snake tanks at once.

Most processing for the snake tank is switched off when it's not in motion.


This mod is reported to be incompatible with AAI vehicles.