This mod adds a slightly complex resource processing chain based simply around pumping up mineral-rich water from the ground and filtering it for resources.

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1.0.6 (7 days ago)
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Sluicing adds a completely new processing chain of variable complexity that allows a player to generate their own resources by filtering water. Differentiated from the typical 'quarrying' mod by the necessity for a refining chain and addition of zero new items, Sluicing adds new purpose to centrifuges and water pumps by making them the cornerstone of map-independent resource generation. Tweaks to facilitate this gameplay include allowing mk 1 assemblers to handle fluids for barreling water, and making barrels themselves free to craft.

By default, the mod works as follows: Pump water into an assembler for barreling. Centrifuge the water barrel for coal. Burn the coal in a steam boiler (basic steaming) to get stone. Mechanically crush the stone into ores, with chances for iron ore, copper ore, and uranium-238 and 235. Upon unlocking logistic science, a mechanical steaming recipe opens up as a bulk alternative to the basic steaming in the boiler. The mechanical steaming has a better stone output, gives a small amount of heavy oil, and has a chance to give solid fuel.

Using this mod alone, a player should be able to completely turn off map resources and rely entirely on this mod for the length of a game, thanks to the addition of enough starting items to jumpstart a sluicing setup. There is a startup setting to disable the starting items.

To get the coal --> stone transformation by steaming in the boiler, the boiler has been given a burnt output slot like the nuclear reactor, and coal has been changed to burn into stone. Thus, I do not recommend putting coal into a burner type entity that doesn't have a burnt output slot, or the burner entity will clog and not burn any additional fuel. If this is a deal-breaker for you, turn 'advanced processing' off in the mod config, and both coal and boilers will be unchanged from vanilla, allowing coal to be used normally again. In this mode, centrifuging gives stone directly instead of coal, and both coal and heavy oil are added to the potential ores you get from crushing stone. Both the simple and advanced processing options allow iron, copper, stone, coal, oil, and both types of uranium to be obtained.

Mk 1 Assemblers can intake and output fluids now, so as to make it possible to expand the sluicing process straight away without having to slog through limited sluicing until Mk 2 Assemblers are researched. This means things once exclusive to the Mk 2 because of fluid inputs can also be crafted in the Mk 1.

Though not required, it is recommended to check out the optional dependencies of this mod, PumpAnywhere or Noxy's Waterfill, if you'd like to set up sluicing independent of map water. PumpAnywhere allows offshore pumps to work without placement on aboveground water tiles, and Noxy's waterfill allows the research and crafting of waterfill tiles so vanilla pumps can be placed wherever you place water tiles.

While I have been testing this mod as I developed it, I'm not perfect, so if I missed something and you find a bug or discrepancy, let me know and I'll do my best to patch it in a timely manner.