Recipes only do one thing at a time

by matjojo

A factorio factory is very wide, single recipes can change items significantly, in reality factory lines are more often than not very long, with small changes at every machine. This mod tries to recreate that feeling by splitting most recipes in the game per ingredient. Thresholds and other settings available. See the mod portal for more info.

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3 months ago
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1.0.4 (3 months ago)
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Recipes only do one thing at a time

The main idea of the mod is that every recipe with more than two ingredients is split into a recipe per ingredient. The player has to build new layouts for most recipes. That early game setup for yellow splitters you know by the back of your hand? It won't work anymore! That blueprint for chemical science packs that you use for your starter base? It'll have to be tweaked!

The actual items and numbers for ingredients of recipes are never changed, but how you place your assemblers and belts certainly must. This ensures you'll have a fresh, new playthrough without any weird surprises or wiki page excursions.

Mod support

This mod creates all recipes on the fly when the game starts, so supports any mod-created recipes. For developers: your recipes and assemblers must exist before this mod is loaded in the data-final-fixes stage for your recipes to be split.

I have tested the following mods and know them to work for sure:
All AAI mods, all Bobs mods, Omnimatter, all Rampant mods, all BZ mods, and space exploration and all recommended extra mods.

Pyanadons mods

Currently not compatible. A solution has been sent to their developers, when they update their mods we will be compatible. Incompatible versions: coal processing: <=2.0.1

Angels' mods

Currently not compatible. A patch has been submitted to their developers, when their mods are updated we will be compatible again. Incompatible versions: <= 0.12.2.


This mod includes a number of settings to tweak the generation of the intermediate recipes.

Number on last recipe

By default, the mod generates numbers on each recipe icon. This setting turns off that number for the last recipe in a chain.

Minimum crafting time for sub-recipe

By default, the mod sets the minimum crafting time for generated recipes to 0.5. You can change this to make crafting faster or slower.

Minimum amount of ingredients in a recipe for it to be split

By default, the mod will set this number to three. This means that your three-to-two electronic circuit build will still work, but any recipe with three or more ingredients is split.

Single ingredient first craft

By default, the mod will ensure that the first recipe of each chain has one ingredient, and creates the unfinished item that the second sub-recipe combines with the second ingredient. Some might feel that this is somewhat weird, as this means that the first recipe takes one ingredient, and every later recipe takes two. Untick this switch to ensure that the first recipe also takes two ingredients. Though keep in mind that this also means that every recipe chain is shortened by one step.

Round recipe time to nearest multiple of

By default, the mod will not round recipe times. This means that, for example, the solar panel recipe, which takes 10 crafting time, is split into three recipes that take 3.33... crafting time. This can make ratios harder to calculate. Insert any number other than 0 in here to round crafting times to the nearest multiple of that number.


This mod has localisations for English and Dutch.