ShredNation must-have mods deprecated

A soft-mod containing all dependencies on the must-have mods for the ShredNation.

3 years ago
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.16.4 (3 years ago)
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This is a soft-mod containing all dependencies on the must-have mods for the ShredNation.

Must-have mods

Angel's Addons - Decorations - ShredNation

A small (exclusive) present towards ShredGuy for his awesome streams!

Chat To File

Useful tool for streamers playing multilayer games with their streaming overlays in front of the chat, logs chat/leave/join/death and even supports other mods sending messages to twitch chat

Even More Light

This mod gives the player more light, that way it is not so dark at night. Also adds exra lights to Cars, Trains and some other vehicles.

Equipment Hotkeys

Adds hotkeys to toggle exoskeletons, night vision and personal roboports.


This mod places some indicators on your UI for various little statistics that are nice to have.


Fully Automated Rail Layer. Places rails, signals, electric poles, concrete, etc. while driving. Also destroy cliffs and landfill where needed.

Uncle Shred's War Cry (ManlyDeathScream)

Fight like a man, die like a man.


Mod that changes landfill. Landfill has the same texture as the surrounding tiles, instead of the default grass.


Modified constant combinators that produce a single-tick pulse of the configured data when pushed (key 'f' by default). These are useful for making / testing many kinds of circuits. Also enables toggling Constant Combinators with the same key.


Neatly rewire electric grid setups.

Santa's Nixie Tube Display

Nixie tubes for display of circuit values. Nixies come in two sizes will link to the same size if they are side by side, and display the value configured in the condition of the rightmost digit. The condition itself is ignored.

Unminable Vehicles

Adds admin options to
- Prevent vehicles from being mined
- Teleport players to spawn and make them unable to move after they mined/rotated a vehicle (Only works if vehicles can be mined)

Extra optional mods

Pressurized fluids

Tired of pipe throughput issues? Pressurize fluids to increase throughput significantly.

Inter Furnace Change

Furnace change, so they need the previous version.

Land Mover

A mod that removes the recipy of landfill (configurable). If you want to landfill, you can craft land mover (if researched). Dig a hole, and get the land (it will be replaced by water as you dig under the sea level). You'll get landfill in your inventory instead. Now you can replace your digged up land somewhere else!