by qumojo

Tech Icons update and a semi order/sorting for Bob's mods, no revamp, nor graphic game objects changes.

4 years ago
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.16.2 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
4607 times

This mod changes almost all Tech icons for Bob's mods mainly, no revamp of menus, that happens in Shinybob_menus mod, icons of objects in Shinybob_icons and entities Graphics in Shinybob_Graphics. This mod is an update of the original Shinybob from his creator.

I've fixed few issues with Bob's using old style techs from 0.14/0.15 and few 32x32/64x64 low-res images. All techs are now updated correctly to the base graphics from 0.16, all sizes are updated and everything should play nice with the base 0.16 Factorio and Bob's mods.

There aren't many option to toggle this time, I've tried to reduce that crazy amount of options from previous versions. Trying to create mods that are really easy to play with and that allow anybody to create their own with their own options. I've tried to add singles techs to each tech from Bob's mod with my colour coding and enhance some of the icons to reflect more precisely what the tech will unlock. The purpose of this mod is to get the colour code if you don't like it then don't use it. But nothing prevents you from using my mod as the base to create your own version with your own colour code coded (maybe orange, pink, celest, braun and fuchsia) and release it. Happy with it too. I've updated my mod with that idea in mind, to allow anyone to create their own style and post it in an easy and fast way to edit them.

0.16.2 fluid-generators Icons Tech updated and fixed belts colouring-option green-purple techs for miniloaders and loaders when option is turn off to switch between green and purple to match my code colour (y-r-b-p-g)
0.16.1 Modules updated thanks to Kamsta99 for lending me his own icons.
0.16.0 First release of the mod, there is an issue left for later update is that if you toggle the option of changing belts/spliters/underground back to green/purple, the tech will still show purple/green. I will fix that in my next update.