by qumojo

Graphics update for Bob's mods, no revamp, nor icons. Meant to be used with Bob's, ShinyBob_Icons, ShinyBob_Menus and ShinyBob_Techs. No HD option right now.

4 years ago
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.16.7 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
6901 times

This mod changes almost all entities graphics/animation for Bob's mods mainly, no revamp of menus, that happens in Shinybob_menus mod, icons in Shinybob_icons. This mod is an update of the original Shinybob from his creator. Seems I am able to post it now!

There isn't yet HD graphics, I am afraid. They will come at some point for sure, until then if you really can't play with base resolution, I suggest using Zombiee's mods.

I've fixed few issues with Bob's using old graphics entities from 0.14/0.15, all entities are now updated correctly to the base graphics from 0.16, all sizes are updated and everything should play nice with the base 0.16 Factorio. Some weird things happening with the animation of sniper turrets are fixed now. I am sure Bob will eventually update his mods with them too, till then you're welcome ;) Do not try to use previous version of base games or Bob's graphics as sizes won't match my definition and will get corrupted in the game or will just crash while loading! Make sure, you use whatever I've got in my graphics folder to ensure you get the right size or from base game 0.16!

There aren't many option to toggle this time, I've tried to reduce that crazy amount of options from previous versions. Trying to create mods that are really easy to play with and that allow anybody to create their own with their own options. Only ores graphics can be turn on/off and the swap between belts/splitters/underground/loaders green/purple colour. Why only those and not all, because maybe someone is already too used to bob's belting colour and don't want them to get changed but don't mind the other entities. That's all. I will never add options to toggle separately every single item. The purpose of this mod is to get the colour code if you don't like it then don't use it. But nothing prevents you from using my mod as the base to create your own version with your own colour code coded (maybe orange, pink, celest, braun and fuchsia) and release it. Happy with it too. I've updated my mod with that idea in mind, to allow anyone to create their own style and post it in an easy and fast way to edit them.

0.16.7 Update new Bob's inserters design. Included finally HD for belts, undergrounds, splitters and inserters too. HD is coming...
0.16.6 New fluid-generators update. Important update as I've finally got around the HD and masks for those generators! Now, I just need to copy and past that same setup 300 times! :p Shadows for bob-laser-robot are now updated and showing correctly. I've updated the base and bob-rockets animation updated
0.16.5 Fixed construction and logistics robots graphics that were missing. Updated the all combat-robots to match my Tech mod and have my colour code added to them. Fixed minors bugs.
0.16.4 coloured all trains, wagons and missing entities that I can think of.
0.16.3 added reinforced-gates purple coloured and downscaled size of pictures as suggested by fishycat.
0.16.2 quick update to fix an error with HR pipes wrong path, as HR weren't implemented nor tested.