by qumojo

Sort and organize the recipes in the crafting menu so that's it's cleaner. Meant to be used with Bob's, ShinyBob_Icons and ShinyBob_Graphics.

4 years ago
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.16.7 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
7098 times

This is an updated Shinybob original mod from the original creator! Split my mod in three small mods. This only for menus. These mod changes Bob's mods mainly, revamp completely of menus, switching things around and obviously will only work if some of his mods are present.

There aren't many option to toggle this time, I've tried to reduce that crazy amount of options from previous versions. Trying to create mods that are really easy to play with and that allow anybody to create their own with their own options. Only ores graphics can be turn on/off and the swap between belts/splitters/underground/loaders green/purple colour. Why only those and not all, because maybe someone is already too used to bob's belting colour and don't want them to get changed but don't mind the other entities. That's all. I will never add options to toggle separately every single item. The purpose of this mod is to get the colour code if you don't like it then don't use it. But nothing prevents you from using my mod as the base to create your own version with your own colour code coded (maybe orange, pink, celest, braun and fuchsia) and release it. Happy with it too. I've updated my mod with that idea in mind, to allow anyone to create their own style and post it in an easy and fast way to edit them.

0.16.7 Update to include new inserters from latest Bobs_logistic update, as well as cobalt new gears/bearings
0.16.6 Quick update to fix a mistake that if not present MoreRepairPacks Mods, trains would be placed in production tab because of an error in the code.
0.16.5 shotgun-uranium moved next the other shotguns shells. New refined-concrete moved to plates next to the others. fluid-generator moved. Capsules/mines rearranged. Miniloaders moved forward and then loader/beltsorters after. Integration of MoreRepairPacks from Kamsta99.
0.16.4 With ShinyBob_Techs out, came a lot of testing and checking. Fixed a lot of things, manly in the Combat tab. I need to update pic to reflect those changes, but manly combat-robots and artillery-shells!
0.16.3 moved around few icons that weren't any more. Updated some code to fix things and included new Bob's items.
0.16.2 small update to accommodate Icons updated new icons.