Senpais Trains deprecated

This Modification for Factorio, includes Electric Trains, Battle Trains and -Wagons, a new Artillery Wagon, 2 new Breaking Forces, Automatic Coupling and Smarter Trains via Circuit Network and a GUI for Stats, Overview and more that is Train related! Let me know if you have Ideas for more Features!
1 year, 1 month ago
Owner: LuziferSenpai
Source: LuziferSenpai/Senpais-Trains
Homepage: N/A
License: License - LuziferSenpai
Created: 1 year, 11 months ago
Latest Version: 1.2.1 (1 year, 1 month ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 14738 times

Hey Guys,

this is a combination of my two old MODs Senpais Electric Trains and Battle Trains!

The Trains and Wagons

The Power Provider

The German Railway Gun "Dora"

Automatic Coupling!

How it works:

  • If you want to Couple you send the Coupling Signal
  • If you want to Uncouple you send the Uncoupling Signal with the Strength of how many you want to Uncouple.
  • Like in the GIF below it sends a Signal Strength of 10.

Simpler Smarter Trains!

  • You open the GUI and have a Train open.
  • Than you add a new Linie with the Schedule of the Train.
  • Than you assign a Signal to the Linie and to each Station on the Linie in the GUI.
  • Next when the Train arrives at a Station, it checks for Coupling Signals or/and if both Wires are connected.
  • When that is true, the Train will save the Station for it self, so it can read out the Signals when it leaves the Station.
  • Red Wire is for Schedule, Green Wire is for Station in that Schedule.

Here is an Example Map:


New GUI with nice Features and a Overview for Stats!

It adds 2 new Braking Force Research!

If you want ModSupport than read the File for that in the Mod Folder.

Does it have a Config?

Yes everything is fully Configurable!

Future Plans

  • More Trains
  • More Power Input Ways
  • Better Graphics
  • Electric Rails

Known Bugs

  • Offset Issues by the Battle Laser while shooting



  • Mooncat for the Train and Wagon Masks
  • Klonan for the Laser Turret Sounds and Laser Graphics
  • GotLag for his Permission to overtake Automic Coupling
  • Hopewelljnj for his changes to Automic Coupling MOD that I have overtaken
  • Dead Planet for Graphical Help